AA batteries chargingWith the amount of wireless technology based objects that have made their way into our everyday lives, the battery industry has skyrocketed.

Batter producing companies are seeing some of their most profitable times yet, and are continuing to grow at an incredible rate. While this may be good for the economy, it is not necessarily the best for the environment and can have some pretty devastating and long-term effects that otherwise would not exist if it wasn’t for the wireless technology that we use today.

Batteries have undoubtedly become one of an essential component of wireless products, are something that we cannot do without. The growth rate is faster than one could ever expect, but this has environmentalist worried. Batteries are soon becoming a large part of the electronic waste, that more often than not only makes their way to landfills, which is not the ideal way to dispose of them.

Use, Recycle

The most efficient manner for the disposal of batteries is by recycling them. Recycling batteries are essential to producers and manufacture since it helps reduce the cost that they spend on producing new batteries themselves. It makes for a more efficient system and allows them to maintain the flow of production consistently. But recycling is not just for the battery producing companies and units. It is also for the everyday individual who is the person using these products. Once the product is made, it is out of the hands of the manufacturer, and in the hands of the customer. This means that ultimately, it is the customer who decides what to do with it. The customer can either throw it away or recycle it, the latter which is the more optimal option and most definitely the one that they should opt for.

The Composition

Batteries are made using heavy and liquid-based metals. Because of their composition, they are not the most ideal for the environment. Right from the AAA batteries that you are using in your TV remote, to the car batteries that run your reliable vehicle, all of them are made of similar or variations of base metals. As it is commonly known, metals are one of the best things to recycle, since they can be easily molded and used for new items. Recycling does not only benefit the battery industry but others who want to use recyclable metals as well for their production needs.

The Effects

Batteries that end up in landfills tend to have more devastating effects on the environment than most other items that end up there. Because of how batteries are disposed of in landfills, they can make their way into the groundwater level, thus polluting the water that is commonly used for drinking purposes. This means that batteries in landfills don’t only affect the environment, but the human beings who depend on it as well. These environmental contaminants can also make their way into the soil layers, thus leading to a significant amount of land pollution, making it harder for vegetation to grow, even in places that might not be extremely near the landfills.

A lot of times, the landfills that are being used burn off the waste rather than letting it decompose, thus giving out a lot of fumes. These fumes, because of the liquid and metals in batteries are highly toxic and can cause a significant amount of damage to humans who are exposed to it.

The Solution

To combat the problem of batteries and other contaminants in landfills, several acts and legislation have been passed. The government is trying to enforce this on a large scale actively but is still yet to efficiently reach every part of the country. Every state has their laws about recycling, some of them being more effective and proactive than others.

With the growing demand for batteries in the world today, the problem of battery contamination is going to rise unless people start to realize that they need to recycle their cells rather than just throwing them away. Most cities and states have recycling centers where one can turn in their batteries for efficient recycling, and to do their bit to prevent these from ending up in landfills, where they cause nothing but harm, to the environment and humans as well.