VW LogoVolkswagen is a leading multinational automotive manufacturing company based in Germany with their headquarters in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony. The company was founded back in the 1930s in Berlin.

VW Models

VW have been known for its fair priced, environmentally-minded, quality vehicles since the era of public mass-production of vehicles. Most common brands of the VW are the VW Golf, VW Beetle, and VW Passat. These brands have appeared in the top 100 best-selling cars of all time, a list compiled by the 24/7 Wall St. website.

The VW Company have made great technological advances that are evident in their latest brand models, like the VW Touareg. Such exclusive high-tech security systems will now be available to the more common and pocket-friendly brands that include the Golf, Beetle, GTI, Jetta, and CC.

New VW Features

One of the more common VW feature is the Volkswagen’s Lane Assist that, as long as the road lane markings are visible to the car’s system, provides some active steering for speeds over 40 miles per hour. This feature is most common in brands such as the GTI, Golf, and CC. However, on the other models, such as the Touareg, the active steering is replaced by a more advanced feature of the system that makes the steering vibrate and displays a flashing warning on the instrument cluster when it detects the car departing the correct lane.

The VW system also offers a blind-spot monitoring feature together with a rear cross-traffic alert system to help in situations that the driver has little control over. This life-saving features can now be found on newer models of the GTI, Golf, Beetle, and CC.

Another feature to soon be widely available to other brands is the Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward-Collision warning. These features work by applying emergency braking during situations that the car system deems endangering to the driver.

The Park Assist feature helps simplify the driver’s task while parking in parallel parking spaces or while doing a reverse parking in a tight spot by automating the steering process. The driver, however, needs to operate the driving pedals. This makes parking an easy and less frustrating task. Newer models of the GTI and Golf come fitted with rear, as well as, front parking sensors to make this feature possible.

In a recent VW announcement, it was stated that, starting 2016, the company will roll-out an upgrade for their infotainment units for the MIB-II, which is available on most brands except the Touareg and short-timer Eos convertible. Due to the touch capabilities of the MIB-II screen, some versions will get an upgrade to enable swipe, pinch and proximity sensor features. Support for more car apps, like the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink, are also expected.

The inclusion of these exclusive features to the more affordable brands of VW will mean that more VW owners of will be able to enjoy the comfort of driving a VW. This will reduce, to a great extent, the number of avoidable car accidents for the VW owners.