Wrecked red SUVThe Automotive Recyclers Association recently held an annual event known as Hill Day. This event involved automotive recyclers from 20 different states. They all traveled to Washington D.C. in order to meet with different elected officials. The purpose of Hill Day is to advance the automotive recycling industry. Most of the people who attended the event were able to meet with congressional representatives or staff to talk about important issues. It is now clear that visits to Capitol Hill are essential for automotive recyclers across the country. These visits to the Hill help to support the professional automotive recycling industry in several ways.

Educating Policymakers about the Industry

One of the main benefits of visiting the Hill regularly is that people have a chance to educate policymakers about the industry. Many elected officials are not aware of the unique aspects of automotive recycling businesses. They do not understand how the industry fits in with other parts of the economy. Some are unaware that automotive recycling exists in every state. Hill Day provides a chance to directly show policymakers the importance of the industry. This education is enhanced with professionally printed literatures that can be left with representatives to create a deeper understanding of automotive recycling.

Identify Allies and Key Figures

Events like Hill Day are important because they allow business owners and industry leaders to identify allies and key figures. This includes important policymakers representing different parts of the country. It can also include other professional organizations that have shared interests with automotive recyclers. These key figures and allies can help to advance the different policies and initiatives that will help the automotive recycling industry grow over the coming years.

Advance Initiatives to Help Automotive Recyclers

One of the main reasons visits to the Hill are important is to promote initiatives to help automotive recyclers around the country. The agenda during the last Hill Day focused on issues like controlling pollution in storm water runoff, getting better access to information about manufacturer supply chains and changing rules to allow automotive recyclers to take on federal contracts. There is also an increased focus on how illegal parts dealers are affecting consumers and the larger professional automotive recycling industry. These issues would not likely make it to congress if it were not for the efforts of the people within the industry visiting Capitol Hill.

Get Involved With Small Business Issues

Professional automotive recyclers are small business owners. Visits to the Hill help individual owners to become involved with issues important to running a business. The last Hill Day involved a small business panel where many basic issues were discussed. Professionals and elected officials answered questions about things like healthcare, small business financing and federal regulations. Going to the Hill allows the industry to take an active role in advocating for beneficial small business policies.

Promote the Benefits of Automotive Recycling

A final reason these visits to the Hill are critical is that they allow automotive recyclers to show lawmakers the benefits of the industry. The benefits of automotive recycling are not widely known by elected representatives. A visit to Capitol Hill can show lawmakers that automotive recycling helps the environment, cuts down on crime and provides consumers with access to safe and reliable parts. Promoting these benefits can help to strengthen the position of the automotive recycling industry.