Veteran Owned BusinessMilitary personnel know how to handle responsibility. The importance of their work gives them a sense of purpose, and, when they complete active duty and become veterans, taking the helm of a business often feels like the natural next step.

According to the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA), over three million veterans have started small businesses. As vetrepreneurs these people should proudly promote their veteran status because their customers will respond positively to that fact. Americans want veterans to succeed. They feel good about supporting their businesses. They even trust them more because of the serious service they have already performed for their country.

Extra resources are also available to help veterans with their business endeavors. This can include access to financing or preference when seeking government contracts.

For example, veterans who join the NaVOBA also can register at that increases their visibility to buyers who actively want to support the success of veterans. This membership connects veteran-owned businesses with large corporations too. The NaVOBA further supports its members by actively promoting the value of vetrepreneurs to corporations.

Companies and individuals are often responsive to the goods and services of veteran-owned businesses because they know that veterans possess drive and a sense of personal responsibility. They are not people who accept mediocre performance because of their experience in life and death situations.

A Real Life Veteran Business Owner Success Story

Jose Espinoza still serves in the California National Guard and co-owns E & R Auto Wrecking in Modesto, California. For 18 years he served in the US Army and attained the rank of Captain. When he entered business life, he took his passion for excellence and attention to detail and improved his business that he runs with his life long friend Ricardo Garcia.

Espinoza expanded upon his military experience by pursuing an undergraduate degree at California State University, Sacramento. He then went on to earn a graduate degree in business. His ambition and professionalism have served him well in his business endeavors.

At E & R Auto Wrecking, the metal recycling has been fine tuned and approximately 85 percent of the metal from wrecked cars is saved and recycled. His business also focuses on personal service and delivering the best value to customers whether they are buying or selling a vehicle or looking for parts.

Currently the wrecking yard has an inventory of over 250 vehicles. Its innovative website includes an online search tool to help people find parts for specific makes and models.

Other veterans like Espinoza are also creating success through hard work. Their military service instilled in them a strong work ethic. They know that hard work is necessary for success. This fundamental characteristic of vetrepreneurs makes them a good bet in the naturally risky world of business.

Veteran business owners or those thinking of starting a business have resources available to them. They can leverage their skills to create new success.