Jose Espinoza in military uniformVeterans often find ways to help other veterans and their communities.

Sometimes, that help takes the form of job training. A group of San Diego-area veterans just graduated from a unique manufacturing skills workshop that equips veterans with new, practical job skills. The latest graduating class of 20 pushes the total number of program graduates well over 200.

The organization behind these workshops, Workshops for Warriors, is one of many examples of veterans helping each other and their communities. At E&R Wrecking we want to present these stories because this is a veteran-owned business that provides an important service to the area.

About Workshops for Warriors

The training program is run by Workshops for Warriors, a Barrio Logan nonprofit that provides free training and certification to veterans in manufacturing jobs like welding, fabricating and machining. Many students have jobs lined up when they leave the program.

Available courses include CNC lathe and milling, Mastercam and Solidworks CAD softeare, arc welding, welding (steel and aluminum) and a comprehensive course on machine tools called Immerse2Learn. Students also have the opportunity to earn certifications on a wide range of machining and welding processes as part of their coursework. The program is so popular it has a waiting list of over 500 veterans, and their capacity is 60 students per semester. It should not be much of a surprise that a veteran started Workshops for Warriors.

Grants and individual donations keep Workshop for Warriors going. To date, the organization has received donations of $10,000 or more from almost 70 national and regional companies and nonprofits.

Veterans Helping Veterans

Founder Hernan Luis y Prado is a 15-year Navy veteran who started Workshops for Warriors after seeing how many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans had their lives turned upside down after returning to the states. He decided something had to be done, so he created a training program that would give veterans new, in-demand skills. He also wants to expand his training program to other areas.

Luis y Prado and his Workshop graduates represent only a small part of what military veterans do to contribute to their communities. Many veteran-owned business in South and Central California provide important services to their communities. Those businesses include restaurants, salvage yards, landscaping services and many more.

Dozens of other charities have sprung up to help veterans learn new skills, deal with mental health issues, by convincing businesses to hire veterans, and more. Other veterans help their communities by starting businesses.

About E&R Auto Wrecking

Jose Espinoza, co-founder of E&R Auto Wrecking, enlisted in the Army, where he served for 18 years. After his service, he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in business from California State University, Sacramento. Co-founder Ricardo Garcia has over 20 years of experience in business, where he got his start running auto salvage and towing companies. Captain Espinoza used his ambition to help E & R grow into a large and successful business.

E&R Auto Wrecking is a Modesto, CA auto salvage and recycling business and is more than a seller of used auto parts and used cars. They buy cars too. More importantly, they have a mission to help protect the environment. Thanks to their modern recycling process they are able to recycle up to 85% of each car. This is a veteran-owned business with a sense of responsibility toward the community and the planet. They like to call out groups that help veterans because they know they face substantial challenges when they re-enter the civilian workforce.

E&R Auto Wrecking always has a huge inventory of used mechanical parts and body parts available, along with some used cars. If you need a used car or some used car parts, and you live in the Modesto area, please have a look at our website or come in and check our inventory.