Jose Espinoza Military ServiceOn Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, the House Small Business Committee met for a hearing to review initiatives aimed at helping to transition former military personnel into the private sector. Under the direction of chairman Sam Graves, a number of issues were raised concerning how to more efficiently help individuals leaving the military integrate into civilian jobs, and efforts were made to highlight the role these individuals could serve in becoming entrepreneurs. Since many of the leadership skills these individuals learn in the military are a natural fit for operating small businesses, it is believed that doing more to help former members of the military open and operate their own small businesses will have a significant impact on the high unemployment rate of this sector of the population. Former members of the military, since 2001, make up the largest demographic of unemployment in the veteran population. Emphasis was placed on studying patterns of successful transition, focusing on available private sector resources and helpful avenues that work to ensure a higher rate of entrepreneurial success.

Captain Espinoza

Launching a business, after leaving the military, gives many veterans the opportunity to be their own boss. Assuming that start-up business costs and other funding issues are addressed, such an approach to cutting back on veteran unemployment rates could prove to be a functional strategy. After serving in the military for 19-years, earning the rank of Captain during his service, Captain Jose Espinoza began thinking of positioning himself for a career in the civilian world. To better ensure his success, Captain Espinoza attended California State University. His educational endeavors took him through a masters in business administration. His degree involved a concentration in management and operations, which eventually helped him to start his own auto recycling business in Modesto. His education, combined with his years of military service, has helped Captain Espinoza to run his business with efficiency and success. His inspirational story is a testament to the accomplishments that some former military members have achieved in the business arena. Aside from being the owner of E and R Auto Wrecking, Captain Espinoza continues to serve his country part-time in the National Guard.

E and R Auto Wrecking

Operating out of Modesto, E and R Auto Wrecking is the collaborative effort of Captain Espinoza and his business partner Ricardo Garcia. With the aid of military programs making it possible for service individuals to gain help in their entrepreneurial pursuits, Captain Espinoza now purchases automobiles. These automobiles are then disassembled for the value inherent in their parts. From older used models to vehicles that have been decommissioned, auto part salvage yards like E and R Auto Wrecking make it possible for citizens to obtain access to hard to find auto parts. In addition to providing a needed service to the local economy, E and R Auto Wrecking also helps to preserve the environment by recycling up to 85-percent of the metal from used and non-functioning vehicles. This recycling effort prevents this excess metal from being put into landfills. Catering to the needs of current and former military members, Captain Espinoza provides the community with value-driven personalized service; thus, demonstrating that government programs that help former military personnel start small businesses work.