Used truck parts white chevy truckUsed Truck Parts

It’s common to see some trucks driven on the road for more than 20 years, especially when novice mechanics take the time and effort to upgrade parts as necessary. Brand new parts can be extremely expensive, but used truck parts are often affordable and ample in supply. Be aware of local businesses with these parts and visit them often to rebuild your favorite vehicle today.

Common Used Truck Parts

Truck owners aren’t just looking for steering wheels or lug nuts, but most people want larger items. Common items wanted for almost any truck include bumpers, running boards, seats and tailgates. Whether a vehicle has been damaged from age or an actual accident, these body parts are commonly searched for across the nation. Transmissions are another sought-after item because they’re several thousand dollars when purchased brand new. Even entire truck beds are traded and sold as used items.

Refurbished Versus New Parts from Dealers

If you want used parts from a dealer, you’ll encounter the term “refurbished.” This term simply means the item is technically used, but has new parts replacing some internal components. Refurbished items are tested and approved by the dealer to ensure optimal operation. New dealer parts are always at retail price, but refurbished products are usually marked at a much lower cost. However, that refurbishing cost is still hidden within the final price tag for consumers.

Salvaging Treasures from Local Lots

Research salvage lots in your area where certain makes and models are taken for scrap. These lots depend on you to sift through their inventory to lower disposal volumes. Try to come early on any morning to see new acquisitions. Not all parts are viable, but you’ll have the lowest price possible on an item you deem worthy of your vehicle. Simply examine each item carefully to verify no pieces are missing or damaged.

How to Spot Quality

Used vehicle parts will be dirty at first glance, but be sure to take along a rag to wipe away the residual dust. As you reveal the part, take a close look at the surface. Note any cracks, missing pieces or even warping. You need the part to be as pristine as possible. Many areas across a typical truck have low tolerances for spatial anomalies. Choose the best quality parts out of both dealer selections and salvage yards.

Purchasing a Whole Truck for Pieces

If you’re up for the challenge, purchase a used truck just to piece out the components. These junk vehicles are often cheaper than buying a dozen parts separately from yards or dealers, for instance. You’ll have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. If it helps you to see all the parts connected before dismantling and reusing certain components, a whole truck to piece out is a smart investment.

Using Those Manuals

Hundreds of parts within a basic vehicle are almost foreign to most novice mechanics. Download or purchase a vehicle manual to really understand the truck inside and out. Throttle bodies, sensors and wiring harnesses may be vaguely familiar to you, but they’re crucial parts to any vehicle. Familiarize yourself with all the smallest parts and even remove them from the truck to see them up close. The more information you have about vehicle operations, the better troubleshooting processes you’ll employ with proper part use.

Going online to find your used truck parts is a smart start to your search. Today’s savvy online businesses even have live webcams that move across some junk piles to give you an idea of available items. You never know when that perfect, yet rare, part will pop up on the screen.