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You may be unsureĀ about used car parts, but most parts can be reused easily as long as they are in good shape. This is certainly the case with a used starter motor. A used starter motor can last for many years if treated right. It is built to last out of tough components that are designed to be sturdy and reliable.

How the Parts in a Starter Motor Work

The pinion is moved by the solenoid, which causes the motor to start to turn slowly before the actual electric starter motor kicks in. This causes less wear on the engine than just starting the car straight up. To actually start the engine, the starter motor turns the engine quite quickly in order to suck fuel and air into the cylinders.

There is a shaft coming out of the starter motor that is turned by the pinion, which is a small gear. The pinion engages with a large gear that goes around the rim of the flywheel. In a front-engine car (most cars are front-engine) this mechanism is located low and close to the back of the engine.

Once the engine is turning, an electric current is needed. The starter motor draws this current from the battery through heavy duty wires. An automated switch turns the current on and off very quickly, far more quickly than a human could. This helps to avoid sparking, which can start a fire. The solenoid is used to operate the switch, which turns on an electromagnet and completes the circuit.

Of course, for the switch to be engaged in the first place, you need to turn the ignition key to the “On” position. A properly functioning ignition system will include a return spring, so that when the key is released it springs back and turns the switch off. When it is on, the electromagent in the solenoid attracts an iron rod. This movement closes two heavy duty contacts, and completes the circuit from the battery to the starter.

Like the ignition, the rod also has a return spring. When the ignition isn’t on, the rod springs back and the starter motor stops. These return springs are necessary to reduce the amount of electricity that the starter motor uses, as it can be quite a lot.

There is an additional reason, namely that the starter motor can be damaged if it stays engaged for too long. This is pretty much the only way a starter can be damaged, as they are very tough. This is why they are a good choice for anybody looking for used parts.

The starter motor also has a part called a Bendix gear, which engages the pinion with the flywheel’s gear only when the starter is actually turning the engine. As soon as the engine picks up speed, the Bendix gear disengages. This type of starter motor is referred to as an “inertia” starter, and is the most common type of used starter motor that you may purchase.

Inertia Starters

An inertia starter relies on the pinion’s inertia, which means its reluctance to start turning. It is important to note that the pinion is turning freely on motor shaft, as it is merely threaded onto it. It essentially functions in the same way as a nut on a bolt. When the “bolt” starts turning, the “nut” moves along the “bolt” to engage with the flywheel ring. This fairly simple process results in your car starting. It’s very simplicity means that starter motors are some of the most reliable parts you can buy used.