Used Rear Drive Shaft - E&R Auto Parts Modesto, CAUsed Rear Drive Shaft

A vehicle’s drive shaft is a mechanical component underneath your vehicle that is essential to its operation. Its responsibility is to provide torque and rotation to the rear and front axles. It also helps connect other components of your vehicle’s drivetrain that because of distance or the need for relative auxiliary movement, can not be connected directly.  A used rear drive shaft are precisely weighted and balanced so they can provide the proper speed and torque values to the wheels.

What it Does

While the vehicle is in motion, the drive shaft must be strong enough to bear the stress of the load as well as the force required to rotate the shaft. Drive shafts are frequently constructed with one or more joints including universal joints, jaw couplings, spline joints, prismatic joints or rag joints. The type of joint used depends on your specific vehicle.

The drive shaft in a vehicle is essential for transmitting power to the wheels. In front-engine, rear-wheel drive cars, a longer drive shaft is needed to power the rear wheels of the vehicle. Depending on your car, you could have a torque tube with a single universal joint or a Hotchkiss structure with two or more joints. Front-wheel drive cars have a shaft that transmits the forces generated by the engine to the axles so the wheels can spin. Finally, cars with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive have a single drive shaft that runs the length of the vehicle from the transmission and front axle to the rear axle.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Existing Drive Shaft

Some symptoms of a bad drive shaft, that might encourage you to browse our selection of used rear drive shafts, include the following:
lots of vibrating from underneath the vehicle. If one of the joints or bushings are wearing out, you’ll feel it when you’re driving, as it causes lots of vibration. This should be addressed as soon as possible because it can affect the wear of other components as well.
abnormal noises – You may hear clunking, scraping or rattling sounds coming from that area if components have worn out.
Your drive shaft is a vital component to your vehicle’s proper operation, and any issues with it can really affect its drivability.

At our auto recycling business, you can find several excellent options for a used rear drive shaft. We carry lots of salvaged, high-quality parts from different sources and provide affordable components for you to use when repairing your vehicle. A used rear drive shaft that operates like new can save you lots of money in the long run. Quality used parts are an excellent resource for those who like to repair their vehicle themselves using a little bit of know-how and detailed instructions.

Used car parts are favorable because of their price point and overall quality. Third party manufacturers often try to improve upon OEM parts from the manufacturer by reverse engineering the part and addressing known issues that have surfaced with the original part. This means that the used rear drive shaft you purchase from us can be of considerable quality. We encourage you to browse our inventory to see if what we have can help repair your vehicle.