Used Rear Axle AssemblyUsed Rear Axle Assembly

The rear-axle assembly is a part of the drive train. It can be found on rear-wheel drive vehicles. It is usually referred to as the final drive of the drive train because of its position on the drive train system. The differential is a part of the rear axle system and not the system itself. The primary role of a used rear axle assembly system is to turn the rotational force from the engine into the linear motion that propels the wheels forward. The system has a basic structure that varies slightly across manufacturers. All of them rely on the same principles. The main feature that distinguishes these rear-axle systems is the type of rear suspension that they use.

Types of Rear Suspensions

There are two types of rear suspensions. They include the solid-axle rear suspension and the independent rear suspension. The independent rear suspension has no axle tubes. It has joined axles instead. This allows the axles to move freely and to be more flexible. The solid-axle suspension system has rigid drive axles. It is important to note that it uses axle tubes as the name suggests. The wheels move the same way even when the vehicle goes over a bump or a deepening.

The rear axle assembly is made up of several components including the rear drive axles, the rear axle housing, and the differential assembly. These systems are built for stability and durability because they usually carry heavy loads. These loads may be from the goods that the vehicle is carrying and the engine of the car itself. This can be attributed to bearing failures if they fail. These failures are not too serious because they only require the bearing to be replaced. It is the second-heaviest components and the largest in most vehicles.

Power Transfer

Power is transferred to the rear assembly by the drive shaft when the crankshaft of the engine spins. The power enters the system through the drive pinion gear that is connected to the ring gear perpendicularly. It is here that the power flow changes direction and can then be directed towards turning the wheels. The variation in the number of teeth of the pinion gears and the ring gear result in the reduction of the gear ratio. The angular speed reduces and causes the torque to increase. The power is then transferred to the drive axle through the differential case, the side gears, and the spider gears.

The drive axle is the link between the wheels and the rear-axle assembly. The housing of the axle and the housing are important because they are the parts that support the axle and the differential assembly. They are enormous and heavy-duty compared to other parts because they need to endure hard usage. There are several types of differential systems that are used in vehicles today. The open carrier is the one that is used the most. It is present in cars that do not require a lot of power. This system powers only one drive while the other one stays free.

The limited slip differential supplies power to both the front wheels and the rear wheels. This is helpful when the vehicle becomes stuck. Rear axle assemblies that have a limited-slip differential have more parts. It is advisable to get original parts since rear axle assemblies are very important in the running of a car. Used auto parts are original because they are from the manufacturer. A used rear axel assembly can serve for many years because they are made to be long-lasting. One can judge the performance of a used rear axel assembly by looking at the number of miles that it has traveled.