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If the radiator cooling fan doesn’t work on your car, you’re in for trouble. This situation might require that you replace the cooling fan assembly on your car.

Is Something Wrong With Your Car Fan?

If you’re driving your car down the road and you notice your temperature gauge starting to get hot, go ahead and pull over to the side of the road. You should take a look under the hood and check the radiator system. If you notice that the cooling fans are not sucking in any air, that’s a good indication that there’s something wrong with your car’s cooling system.

Cooling fans are simple DC motors, so they’re very easy to test. You need to follow the wires coming out from the fan until you get to the plug for the fan connector. You now just have to remove the electrical connector and send some battery power (courtesy of jumper wires connected to the terminals of your car battery) into your fan connector terminus.

How to Fix a Faulty Car Fan

When the fan in your engine starts rattling loudly, the motor for the fan is probably burned out. That rattling noise is a good sign that it’s time to replace it. All you will need are standard hand tools to fix the problem. A socket and a wrench (if in doubt, try a 10-millimeter wrench) should be all the tools required to take it off. Focus on taking off the bolts that are at the top of the fan unit. Make sure you work around the top to get all the bolts off the corners. The next step is to take off the electrical connection. If you have a hard time getting it off, you’ll have to squeeze the connector to slide it off. Don’t be worried about hurting anything, so just press real hard with your thumb to get that connector off. With all of that done, you just need to wiggle the entire fan assembly until the whole fan chassis is removed from the engine.

Are Used Fans Okay as a Replacement?

Now comes the time to replace your old fan with a new one. Some of you may be asking if it’s okay to stick in a used fan. When it comes to choosing a fan assembly that’s going to be an inexpensive replacement, your choice is generally going to come down to using a Chinese made unit or opting for a recycled fan unit. I generally choose the latter as they are fun to work with, and I always like saving money. I also like visiting my local auto recycler to see what new stuff they have in, so that’s another plus in my book for going with an already used fan part.

Now that you’ve got your replacement fan, you’re going to want to slip the fan assembly back into the radiator so that the grooves line up. Then you put the bolts back on, making sure to tighten them until they’re snug. Next up is to find the electrical connector, which you’ll plug back in until it snaps. Go ahead and put the overflow hose back on the radiator. After you fill the overflow radiator to the full mark, go ahead and start your engine. Your overheating fan should be fixed, and you saved some money by picking out your parts from your local auto recycler.