Used Electric Cooling Motor

Used Electric Cooling Motor

The cooling of any vehicle is very important. Without something to cool the radiator, a car may overheat and be seriously damaged. The natural airflow around an engine is not often enough to keep it cool. How is this problem resolved? A cooling system is put in place to cool the radiator temperature down and keep it low. This system is often a fan or set of fans that give the engine more air.

Types of Cooling Motors

Many older cars have a pulley or belt set up that keeps the cooling fans running. This means when ever the engine is running, the fans are running. It may guarantee the engine stays cool enough, but may also have some negative effects. If the car happens to be running in extremely cold weather or is trying to warm up, the fans prevent it from warming.

Almost all newer cars have an the alternative cooling system, which is electric. These electric fans are much more controllable. They do not run at all times and can change speed depending on what the temperature of the car engine. Although these fans are electric and do not always run while the engine is running, the electric fans are powered by the alternator. There are many benefits over the electric cooling system than the mechanical. The only downside that seems to be a common concern is how much power the electric fans may need.

These cooling systems may seem incomplete and and simple, but with the constant change in vehicles and technology there has been new ideas on how to cool motors. A big change in cooling systems can be seen in the modern electric automobile. The electric motor in cars has given mechanics a whole new way to think about motors in general. Some electric cars are designed to naturally stay cool through conductive cooling. The heat from the running motor dissipates into the mounting and frame of the vehicle, spreading the heat out and lowering the temperature of the motor.

Electric Vehicles

Another form of cooling that has been evoked from the creation of the electric motor, is a liquid cooling system. This is when a cooling liquid is placed around hot coils or other high temperature parts of the motor to cool it. This is can be done with as little as water depending on the needs of the motor!

With all of these cooling systems in place, it may be difficult to find the car you want with the specific system you find best. Each vehicle, depending on the motor type and what it needs, has a system of its own. The best part about cooling, is that is can be done in so many different and innovative ways. This simple system that sometimes can have flaws, can be altered and changed if needed. Buying a used electric cooling motor for a more experimental cooling system can be a fun and nearly effortless. As long as the heat from the motor is being dissipated at the rate needed, there may be many benefits to a recycled, custom cooling system!