Used Chassis Brain Box Modesto, CA

Used Chassis Brain Box

The Chassis Brain Box is indispensable in vehicles with modern computers and OBD diagnostics. It may control everything from ABS functions, transmission shift patterns, fuel injection systems to windshield wipers. A failed Chassis Brain Box may result in poor performance or no performance depending on the extent to which the vehicle is controlled by this central computer.  If yours is not working properly, you might want to think about buying a used chassis brain box to replace it.

How They Work

The more modern the vehicle, generally the more complex this central computer can be. Having your engine, brakes, and transmission controlled by a computer gives the advantage of better fuel economy, safety, emissions, and performance. For example, in a late model truck it may control your transmission to shift earlier to increase fuel economy, but when put in tow mode it will command the transmission to hold shifts longer. In newer model trucks it may shut down two to four cylinders during cruising to further increase these savings. In a luxury vehicle, this computer may control headlight and windshield wiper functions, as a camera in the vehicle can sense weather patterns and adjust the wipers based on the amount of rain, or dim the headlights when detecting oncoming vehicles. More complex vehicles may have multiple computers, but they are often routed through one single circuit commonly known as the Chassis Brain Box.

The literal brain of a vehicle, Chassis Brain Boxes are generally reliable and protected from corrosion and weather. However, when they are compromised it can be difficult to diagnose and cause a wide variety of issues. Older vehicles, generally from the 1980s onward, have backup mechanical systems in case of failure. Your vehicle may run but it might do so poorly, as the computer cannot communicate engine speed, brake pressure, or which gear the vehicle is in. Newer vehicles, generally from 1996 onwards, may have partial or no backup systems in place, meaning when the chassis’s computer is dead, full vehicle performance may be compromised. These systems are crucial in emissions and safety regulations and therefore, even in older vehicles, a bad Chassis Brain Box may prevent the vehicle from passing emissions or safety inspections.

Used Parts

Used units are reliable, and as the technology has progressed, the quality has improved, but it is also causing new OEM units to become more expensive. Fixing this computer is usually not an option, as the electrical connections have become smaller and more widespread and many units are now sealed from tampering- a replacement of the computer itself is recommended. Buying a used Chassis Brain Box from a respected Automotive Recycler can save you hundreds versus brand new OEM parts, which are often only sold directly through the dealerships parts department. Used auto parts not only aid in recycling a portion of the modern vehicle which has undergone thousands of hours of quality testing, but assist in keeping more money in your pocket as these systems become increasingly complex and more difficult to diagnose. The Chassis Brain Box, the central computer for your vehicle, is exactly the type of part that has increased in use and scope that can be purchased at a major savings through an Automotive Recycler against new parts.