Used car partsUsed Car Parts

Automobile repairs are an inevitable occurrence that will come up several times during the course of your vehicle’s life. Professional repair shops charge an average of $100 per hour for installing parts on your vehicle when it needs repairs. Along with the high labor charges of auto repairs, you also have to purchase the parts you need. Used car parts can help you save money on mechanical repairs that can come up at the most inopportune times. In fact, you can save hundreds of dollars per repair just by shopping for preowned car parts. The process is easier than you think it is.

What Are Used Parts?

Used parts are vehicle parts that have previously been on another vehicle. A company that carries used parts may have a wide variety of parts from cosmetic accessories to engines and transmissions. When a vehicle becomes inoperable, its owner may not have the financial resources to fix it. That person may offer it to a salvage yard, and the salvage yard will assess the vehicle to discover which parts it can recycle or offer to vehicle owners such as yourself. For example, the engine of a vehicle may be blown, but the transmission may work on another vehicle for many years. You may be able to find used car parts such as doors, door handles, windshields, alternators, starters and more at your local salvage yard.

Used Car Parts and Salvage Yard Guarantees

Auto wrecking companies and salvage yards have hundreds of vehicles on their lots. You may be able to access a rare part for your car that you never thought you would find anywhere other than a dealership. The price difference between used parts and brand new parts is so large that you would not be able to pass up the chance to purchase a used piece.

A reliable auto wrecking company will never leave you out in the cold. If you purchase used part, and you find that it does not work in your vehicle, then the company will most likely offer you a return or exchange option. It would be well worth the money for you to check with a salvage yard for the part or parts that you need.

How to Find Used Car Parts

Finding used parts for your vehicle is easy if the salvage yard has a website. What you will need to do is conduct an online search on the site. You will need to know the year, make and model of your automobile. You can find this information on the title if you do not already know it. You will also need to know the part that you need. The auto wrecking company will most likely have the parts listed in alphabetical order for your convenience. You would then enter your information so that someone can contact you once he or she locates the part. You can also contact the company by telephone and inquire about the part that you need.

Additional Services

An auto wrecking company or salvage yard may offer additional services besides providing you with what you need for your vehicle. Such a company may also sell whole cars if you are looking for an inexpensive second vehicle for your household. Additionally, a salvage yard will usually purchase vehicles that are in any condition. You can earn some money by offering your nonworking or barely functional vehicle to such a yard so that its members can recycle the parts. E&R Auto Wrecking has a multitude of used parts at your disposable. You can contact the yard today to find the parts that you need the most.