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The image that pops into mind of a junkyard is not what one would find in many junkyards today. There may be a few crushed vehicles sitting around, but nearly all new vehicles have some parts that are in reusable condition. Used auto parts can be purchased at a reasonable price. Buying new parts is not necessary when reusable parts are available. Knowing what parts are usable, what to look for, and the best source of parts is needed information.

What Auto Parts are Reusable?


Windshields are used auto parts that can save the buyer $400 to $500. Often removing one’s own parts can save money. That strategy should not be utilized with windshields. It is best to let a professional remove it. Used windshields should have a minimum of star-cracks and chips. Minor chips can be repaired successfully. A professional should also install a windshield, and that was properly supported in the center, to minimize the chance of a windshield crack.

Engine and Transmission

The transmission and engine are often in good condition when the vehicle is totaled. Car repairs are almost inevitable at some point in the life of the car. Salvage yards frequently have a cast-iron exhaust manifold or cylinder. When buying this type of part, the donor engine mileage should be noted. That ensures the part has some remaining years of life. Some junkyards allow the parts to be removed by the purchaser, for a reduced price if he or she has some mechanical knowledge.


Broken or worn spindles or control arms can be replaced at reasonable prices at a salvage yard. These parts should also come from a donor vehicle with minimal mileage. The parts of the suspension are easily damaged in severe collisions. Parts should be checked for bends or damage before buying them.

Some parts should never be reused. They include bushings, idling arms, tie rods, and old ball joints. These used parts present a safety hazard. A qualified repair shop should install the parts to ensure the installation is done properly.

Tires and Wheels

Tires with 40 to 80 percent of the original tread depth often pass through a salvage yard. They have been purchased for as little as $10 each. Wheel rims are often found in the same scenario. Rims can be bent into all sorts of unnatural shapes by curb checks. Rims that cannot be repaired can frequently be replaced with a salvage yard find that comes at a huge discount. Tires should be scanned for signs of under or over inflation or wheel misalignment.

Damaged or Rusted Body Panels

When the hood or fender is damaged, many times the damage can be repaired. At other times, the damage repair would not be cost effective or safe. It is not uncommon to find replacements at a used auto parts facility. When dealing with a body shop or insurance company, customers can request that used parts from a salvage yard donor vehicle be installed rather than new parts. Some body shops balk at using salvage yard parts. The owner has the right to have the repairs done as requested. There is a certain amount of reason that must be exercised. If the body shop reports difficulty finding a donor part, the customer can do it on his or her own.

Locating Used Auto Parts

Modern technology has made finding parts much easier than it was at one time. Most salvage yards have a website that lists the entire inventory of used auto parts. Using a search engine will produce a list of potential salvage yards in a customer’s area. Prices can be compared in order to get the best deal. E & R Auto Wrecking is an excellent source to try for used auto parts in Modesto. Taking advantage of salvage products has many benefits. Customers are reducing, reusing, recycling and saving money.