Used Air Flow MeterUsed Air Flow Meter

For any vehicle to achieve peak performance, its engine has to be able to receive enough air to make all its parts run properly. While today’s vehicles are sometimes referred to as computers with four wheels, they still need certain parts in order to be efficient. One of those parts is an air flow meter, which measures the amount of air that flows into a vehicle’s internal combustion engine. Considered one of the most important parts of any engine, it’s commonly found on most diesel engines that rely on electronic control. Due to the design of today’s diesel engines, an air flow meter has proven to be the only reliable way to measure airflow in these cars.

Also known as mass flow sensors, their major responsibility is to work with the ECU sensors in a vehicle to ensure the correct mixture of air and fuel are injected into the engine. Most air flow meters are the vane or flap type, which measures air volume in order to give the engine instructions as to increase or decrease the flow of air. In most of these meters, a spring is in place to help the meter’s internal flap return to a normal starting position. However, when this spring has too much tension applied to it, incoming air becomes restricted and the air speed increases unexpectedly. To avoid this problem, a person should have the engine checked periodically for this very issue, and have the spring’s tension adjusted accordingly.

End of Life Meters

As with almost any part on a vehicle, the air flow meter will eventually stop working. Most often due to excessive air being blown into it over and over through the years, the good news is that it usually takes at least that long before the air flow meter wears out. When this occurs, the results include an engine whose performance is greatly compromised due to the increase in engine emissions. One key way to know if the air flow meter is working is during a car’s inspection, during which an indicator light will display on the dashboard. If this happens, the decreased engine performance will most often result in the vehicle failing to pass inspection.

In addition to failing an inspection, many vehicles that are in need of a new air flow meter will also see a marked decrease in gas mileage. Therefore, if they have a car that suddenly experiences a sharp decrease in miles per gallon, it’s time to let a technician take a look. Considered to be a very valuable tool for manufacturers during the car’s development process, an air flow meter will help a vehicle have high MPG statistics that will make it popular for consumers.  If the air flow meter no longer works, an individual can purchase a new meter, or a used air flow meter.  Used components are often the more economical choice.

While there may be slight variations from manufacturer to manufacturer, it’s clear air flow meters play an important role in the development and performance of today’s vehicles. By understanding the role they play in helping today’s cars be as efficient as possible, there’s little doubt they will continue to be key components in helping to improve engine emissions and performance.