Used Air CleanerUsed Air Cleaner

In relationship to cars, air cleaners or air filters are called internal combustion air filters. An air cleaner filters the outside air that is inducted into the intake of a car engine. Air cleaners block abrasive and corrosive particles from entering the cylinders of a car’s engine. The introduction of foreign particles into the induction system of a car can trigger mechanical wear, breakdown, and other related problems.

Components of an Air Cleaner

Air cleaners are usually composed of some type of pleated paper element and can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton gauze, foam, stainless steel mesh, and other materials. They are manufactured and configured in shapes that are rectangular/ frame-like, cylindrical/circular, or conical, and they are made to adapt to a car engine’s intake system.

Types of Air Cleaners

Though there have been a variety of air cleaners in the past, there are basically two types that are currently utilized with newer vehicles. They include:

-Oiled Filters

Oiled filters are usually a tightly woven cotton-based weave that are supplemented with an oil, which is infused throughout the filter material to catch dirt and particles. This type of air cleaner provides increased air flow and can be reused. A cleaning and re-oiling kit is often provided with this type of filter, so when the filter needs to be cleaned, the cleaner solution is applied, hosed off and the oil reapplied after the filter has dried.

-Dry Filters

Dry filters are just that, dry, and they consist of a sturdy type of non-woven material that is designed to catch the smallest of particles plus enhance air flow. Not being tightly woven, this type of air cleaner can more readily slough off dirt and other particulates through vibration, which decreases the need for frequent cleaning. A dry filter can, however, be cleaned with a mild, commercial cleaner. Once the filter has been cleaned and dried, it can be reused and reinstalled.

Used Air Cleaners

With both oiled and dry air cleaners/filters being adaptable to reuse, they are easily recycled as used if they have been cleaned, oiled again, dried and properly maintained. With continued care, a used air cleaner can be put back into circulation and distribution for future use by vehicle owners interested in maintaining their own air cleaner or individuals looking for an air cleaner that has been recycled and prepared for further use.

Reusable Air Cleaners

There are a number of reusable air cleaners currently on the market, and depending on the brand, they consist of high quality materials that can be maintained and used repeatedly. Many even come with guarantees and the necessary materials for cleaning and maintaining a filter. In researching features with an air cleaner that can be reused, a car owner should look for some of the following characteristics in a reusable air cleaner:

– Multiple layer cotton gauze composition
– Moisture resistant fiber
– 90% + filtration efficiency
– increased air flow
– Easy to clean – tap, vacuum, or wash for cleaning, drying and re-oiling
– guarantee
– Environmentally friendly
– Works with original equipment
– Hand-poured urethane castings to combat under-hood heat

Both responsible and thrifty vehicle owners want to keep their car engines free of dirt and grime, plus they want the kind of power and clean fuel efficiency that a reusable air cleaner can provide. A recycled air cleaner can eliminate the constant need of air cleaner replacement and save time with installation and disposing of air filters that can’t be recycled or used again. Instead of a dirty, old air filter winding up in a dump somewhere or as litter alongside a back road, the right type of used air filter can be brought to life again, and it’s not that difficult to find an air cleaner that suits just about any car owner’s needs.