Used AC Air Compressor

Used AC Air Compressor

The compressor is the main component in an automobile’s air condition system.


It is located under the vehicle’s hood near the engine. To an untrained eye, it can resemble an alternator in appearance and is typically operated by the same serpentine belt that drives the alternator, power steering pump and water pump. When the compressor does not work the air will not get cool. It works by pumping a chemical composition known as a refrigerant in a continuous cycle through the various components that make up the entire system. As the refrigerant circulates, it changes from a gas to a liquid and back to gas again at the appropriate stages. By changing forms, the refrigerant also goes through significant temperature changes during the cycle. Changing from cold to hot and back to cold again enables it to transfer heat from inside the passenger compartment to the outside air. The end result is cold air blowing from the air vents inside the vehicle.

When the refrigerant exits the compressor, it does so under high pressure. This changes it into a liquid. When this happens, the heat the refrigerant has absorbed is concentrated, and it becomes very hot. During this stage, it enters a condenser that houses conductive pipes that facilitate the absorption of heat. Consequently, when the refrigerant leaves the condenser, it has returned to its natural gaseous state and has become very cold. At that point, air is blown across the cold tubes that house the chemical causing cold air to be blown into the passenger compartment. In spite of the similarity in pronunciation, the compressor and condenser are not the same. The condenser resembles the radiator in appearance and is located behind the grill adjacent to the radiator.

Used AC Air Compressor

A used AC air compressor is a good way to maintain comfort without breaking the bank when a replacement is needed. The air conditioning system does more than keeping the passengers cool. By helping to remove moisture from the air, it makes the defroster work better even if the temperature setting does not require the air to be cold.

The whole air conditioning process is based on the simple principle that heat will naturally transfer from a hotter to a colder material. Refrigerant is a chemical that is formulated to achieve a dramatic temperature change at fluctuating pressures. Therefore, the compressor is necessary for creating the pressure and temperature changes that allow the refrigerant to do its job. Car owners who want to save money on repairs should consider a used AC air compressor when a replacement is necessary.

Depending on the temperature control settings selected by the driver and passengers, the compressor will not need to stay engaged at all times. To enable it to turn on and off as necessary, it is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch. The compressor is belt-driven and the clutch is located between the pulley and the main body of the compressor. Because of the belt-driven design, the pulley will be spinning whenever the vehicle’s engine is running. When the clutch is disengaged, the pulley is basically free-spinning and will not be turning the compressor. When the clutch engages, the compressor will turn, initiating the circulation of the refrigerant throughout the system. These clutches are equipped with friction plates that, when activated, cause the compressor to turn. The plates are fitted with springs that force them to return to their disengaged position when the electronic signal is not telling them to engage. If the clutch goes bad, it may well be more feasible get a used AC air compressor and replace the whole unit rather than buying separate individual components.