Toyota LogoTokyo has been awarded the 2020 Olympics, and Toyota plans to cash in on the press attached to the games. Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in Japan, and they plan to create new cars that will be used in and around the games. The International Olympic Committee favors efficient cars that benefit the environment and are efficiently recycled, and Toyota is releasing a new line of cars that will be used during the Olympics. Their new cars will come their name brand Toyota and luxury brand Lexus.

#1: Ten Years Of Sponsorship

Toyota has a ten-year sponsorship deal with the Tokyo Olympic organizers, and that sponsorship deal allows Toyota to use the Olympic name while marketing their cars. New cars will include taxis used in the city, shuttles that will carry athletes and new cars for the public. Each car will carry some sort of hybrid or electric engine, and the engines produced for the games will be exclusively eco-friendly. Every manufacturer in the world is turning to green manufacturing, but Toyota has the perfect platform to show that it can create the most green cars. Everyone in the world will see the new cars from Toyota during the Olympics, and some of those cars come out before the Olympics start.

#2: The Lexus LS And Toyota Crown

The Lexus LS and Toyota Crown are sedans that will be fitted with fuel cells. These vehicles create no emissions at all, and the fuel cells will run for several days on a single charge. Toyota is using the Olympics as an excuse to the deploy the cars to the world market, and these fuel cell cars will have charging stations all over Tokyo. Toyota plans to introduce these cars to other parts of the world after the Olympics, but charging stations must be built before Toyota’s vision is feasible for other countries.

#3: The JPN Taxi The JPN taxis that will be used in Tokyo during the Olympics have the same fuel cell technology, and everyone who visits the city will see these taxis. The taxis themselves are models for other cars that Toyota will release, but the JPN is already in use. Anyone who visits Tokyo will see the fuel cell taxi, and riders will note the nearly silent engine.

#4: Vans The van market in Japan is large with so many suburban families, and Toyota plans to revamp the whole line prior to the Olympics. The vans will be fitted with emission-free engines, and fuel cells will be used on some models. The vans may be used by taxi companies during the Olympics, and the technology will find its way to America in the form of minivans that are popular in suburbia.

The Tokyo Olympics will be a wonderful event that the whole world will watch, and Toyota is counting on the world noticing its new cars. Fuel cell vehicles will be much more feasible by 2020, and Toyota hopes to deploy every new fuel cell vehicle it has by the Olympics. The unveiling of fuel cell technology in conjunction with the Olympics may well help push fuel cell technology into the mainstream market.