Jose Espinoza Military ServiceHonor Veterans

Veterans Day is a great time to honor all military personnel for their excellent service. Serving in the military requires sacrifices for an individual because they must travel away from family and friends for several years. This holiday began in the early 1900s as Armistice Day but officially became Veterans Day in the early 1950s. Celebrated on November 11, this special day is meant to honor all the military members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including those still living. Many businesses and schools close on November 11 while others close the Monday before or Friday afterward, to provide a three day weekend.

Public Celebrations

Traditionally, the public has honored its veterans by having special events such as parades, gatherings and dinners. These events are a fantastic time for attendees to learn about historical military events and each branch of military service. Many businesses get involved in the holiday celebrations by providing perks to veterans and their family members. Several restaurants offer free meals to military personnel from various U.S. Armed Forces such as the Navy, Coast Guard and Army. Today, military members volunteer for service in a particular branch that provides payment along with benefits such as housing and meals.

Military Service

In the past, military personnel were conscripted into service during times of war. Another recent change is that females in addition to males are often involved in military service. Individuals serving in the military are stationed within the United States or overseas to protect the public from terrorism and war actions. An enlisted member of the armed services is stationed in one of over 150 foreign countries or at military bases scattered throughout the United States and its territories. Most individuals initially joining the U.S. Armed Services are older teenagers and younger adults with either a high school or college education.

Transferable Skills

E & R Auto Wrecking located in Modesto, Calif., is owned and operated by a former U.S. Armed Forces member with an understanding of the sacrifices required during service. Jose Espinoza transferred the skills he learned serving in the U.S. Army for 18 years while progressing to the rank of captain. Espinoza decided to start his own small business using the leverages provided to former military personnel by the United States government. As an independent business owner, Espinoza and his business partner Ricardo Garcia focus on buying, towing and disassembling old vehicles to repurpose automotive parts and materials.

Welcoming Veterans

Espinoza continues to serve his country by participating in the California National Guard while operating his business E & R Auto Wrecking. He believes strongly in the training received while serving that taught him time management, responsibility and a sense of purpose. An important part of his business includes recycling metal and parts from nonfunctional or wrecked vehicles. This prevents a wide assortment of materials from ending up in landfills where it adds pollutants to the earth’s environment. E & R Auto Wrecking welcomes business year-round from current and former military veterans.