Tires in a warehouseThough there have been some changes in the past decades, the auto recycling business had experienced relatively little change since the first assembly line made vehicles with interchangeable parts. However, the old image of a disorganized junk yard that is a crowded, dirty lot filled with rusty vehicles encircled by a chain link fence is quickly being replaced. While the vehicles and their parts are still the star of the show, the modern auto salvage operation is much different than it was in the recent past. The auto recycling business has been made much more efficient by the introduction of computers to the business.

Online Advancements

The most significant change in auto recycling is the ability to market products and sell online. This means that an auto recycler in one part of the world can ship parts to any other. This is a significant factor as many older vehicles are ending up in the developing world. When these vehicles need parts, auto recycling centers in North America, Europe and other locations can ship the needed parts directly to where they are needed. These transactions not only help the economies of both the developing and developed world, they also work to keep the aging vehicles and parts out of the world’s landfills.

Used Part Databases

In addition to helping sell parts around the world, the computer age has also helped auto recyclers to streamline their business. Vehicle and part location can be stored and quickly retrieved in a computer system. Used part sales data can also be used to fairly price parts based on the year and model of a vehicles. For example, instead of pricing all hoods all the same price, a recycler can ask a higher price for one that is in demand and a lower one for those that fewer people want. Sales data can also help recyclers to determine which vehicles and parts to maintain in stock. Vehicles and parts with little value or sales demand can be sold for scrap to allow more room for vehicles with a higher profit potential.

Maintaining a digital part inventory also helps customers looking to buy a specific part. Instead of having to search through lines of vehicles, a quick call or visit to the recyler’s desk can determine whether or not the part is available. In many cases, customers can access inventory records 24 hours a day from their home by using the recycler’s website. Online inventory records are a great convenience for both buyers and sellers who do not have to spend time calling around looking for a part only to be told that the shop does not have it. Buyers can make purchases online and have parts shipped directly to their door.

Though the computer and the Internet have made significant changes to the auto recycling business, the standard business model has not changed. Auto recyclers still provide customers with the ability to acquire quality used parts at a great price.