Tesla Motors LogoTesla Motors, renowned for its luxury-class electric (environmentally friendly) automobiles, announced a new line of high-end apparel and accessories. The announcement comes as the world anticipates the launch of the Tesla Model X, a crossover SUV expected to help Tesla achieve its sales goals. Together with redesigned Tesla stores in conjunction with the new Tesla fashion line will help increase awareness of the Tesla brand.

Tesla hopes its pricey fashion collection will assist the company in its effort to increase revenue. Tote bags, gloves, iPhone sleeves, jerseys, and other gear will build rapport with the affluent market it needs to woo. Some of the items offered as part of the Tesla fashion brand are crafted from leather scraps from car interiors, a practice that adds a unique aura to the high-end product line

Clothing and accessories from a car manufacturer might, at first, seem unusual, but the idea is not new. Ferrari, BMW and Porsche all have fashion brands that capitalize the appeal of their automobiles and help build brand recognition among the public.

For its part, Tesla already has positioned itself to market goods to the fashion conscious. The company has almost 200 stores around the world. Most are located in upscale malls, in proximity to exclusive shops, and in other fashionable venues. These stores feature interactive displays that help people learn about Tesla and its technology. Although Tesla stores give shoppers an opportunity to configure and buy a vehicle, the company does not employ aggressive selling tactics, preferring an indirect approach.

Once redesigned, the Tesla stores will provide an introduction to the Tesla company and its technology. The process will attempt to make the process of buying an electric vehicle less intimidating to the new generation of young, wealthy car buyers. Also, displays in the store will promote features such as autopilot, safety, charging and its dual motor drive system.

The company has already learned that customers like to buy handbags that match the interiors of the cars they buy. Tesla uses this as evidence that suggests its fashion apparel and accessories will increase revenue for the company.

Tesla aims to grow sales of its vehicles until it reaches its goal of half a million vehicles sold in 2020. Despite revising sales estimates downward by at least ten percent, the company still hopes to sell 50,000 vehicles this year. Company executives, aware of the daunting task they face, expect the new Model X will give the company the impetus needed to establish Tesla as a key player in the global automotive industry.

Thanks to widely publicized concerns over climate change, wealthy people around the world wish to demonstrate environmental responsibility without losing the comfort associated with luxury automobiles. Tesla hopes this demand will lead to the acceptance of its technology and the acceptance of Tesla as a player in the fashion industry.