Used Car PartsFor car owners who are handy with things like engine repairs, brake work, and handling most types of auto repair, there is no need to head to a retailer every time a replacement part is needed. A better approach is to check at junk yards and see what they have to offer.

Here are some of the benefits that come with this approach.

Gently Worn Parts

It is true that the parts found at a typical junk yard are used. What many people do not realize is that most of the components are in excellent condition. This is because they are harvested when a car is brought in.

Unlike times past, many junk yards today strip down vehicles as they are brought onto the premises. Any parts that are ruined and not of any good to anyone are sold or donated to recycling centers. All parts that are still in great shape are set aside for potential customers.

For example, perhaps a vehicle was wrecked and there is no way to harvest the hood, the grill, or the front fenders. As it happens, the engine was not damaged, so it can be pulled and sold. The same holds true for the transmission, the components of the brake system, the used throttle body, and even the car seats and dash. Imagine how great it would be to walk onto a junk yard and find parts that are an exact match for the make and model of the vehicle being repaired.

Original Parts

Another point in favor of junk yard shopping for car parts is the potential for finding original components. People who are repairing or restoring older vehicles will especially appreciate the possibilities. If the vehicle is several years old, the manufacturer may not produce certain parts any longer. The only alternative is to go with components manufactured by a third party. That party may or may not go strictly by the same standards used by the original manufacturer.

With the parts found at the junk yard, it will be easy to determine if the harvested part is an original. All the buyer has to do is compare the markings on the component with the one that is being replaced. If they are a match, then the buyer can purchase an original part for a lower price that the corresponding third-party component.

Wider Selection

The local junk yard owners have connections with a number of other yards around the country. What this means for the customer is that if the right part is not in stock, it is possible to tap into that network and see who might have exactly what the client needs. This process does not take long and in some cases the part can be located while the customer waits. Once it is found, the price for purchase and shipment can be determined. Assuming the cost is acceptable, the part will be on the way immediately.

Shopping at Home

While it is still possible to visit a local junk shop and look around for replacement parts, the customer can also manage the task from home. Like many other businesses, there are junk yard owners who have invested in websites.

Instead of making a trip in hopes of finding the right part, go to the website and conduct a search. Many of the sites allow visitors to search based on the make and model of the vehicle, a part number, and several other criteria. In the best case scenario, the buyer will find multiple parts and can compare all of them before making a selection.

If the junk yard happens to be local, it is possible to complete the transaction online and have the part reserved for pickup. Should the yard be some distance away, shipping arrangements and charges can be managed as part of the checkout process. With the latter approach, the part is delivered directly to the buyer’s home.

Before spending a lot of money for parts that may or may not work, take the time to check with a junk yard or two. See what types of parts and other components in stock that happen to fit the family vehicle. After using this approach one time, it will become the first place to look when and as a replacement component is needed.