Cars in a scrapyardMore than 100 millions cars have been recalled in the last year and a half in theĀ USA. Moreover, the number of malfunctioning automobile parts is skyrocketing.

New Federal Recall Laws

The Automotive Recyclers Association has issued that announcement after the passage of three laws that were intended to change the federal regulations for automotive recall process. These laws have forced Automotive Recyclers Association to promote methods for quickly determining the automotive parts that have to be recalled. These methods aim to identify automobile parts that have to be recalled in an efficient and streamlined manner. These methods’ primary purpose is to lessen the impact of federal recalls on the supply chain. In order to promote widespread adoption of these methods, Automotive Recyclers Association is doing everything it can to popularize bulk access to VIN recall data. These efforts by Automotive Recyclers Association are expected to help both consumers and the manufacturers of automotive parts.

Automotive Recyclers Association has taken other steps in regards to these laws. One of them is a commitment to give its members reasonable market value compensation for parts that had to be recalled. Another important initiative aims to guarantee the car manufacturers’ adherence to these recently released laws. In order to determine a reasonable market value of recalled automotive parts, there will be meetings between the representatives of automakers and the members of Congress.

Automotive Recyclers Association is also conducting negotiations with consumer groups and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. During these negotiations, Automotive Recyclers Association is highlighting the need of automotive industry to consolidate bulk VIN data into systems for inventory management. This will allow dealers of automotive parts, as well as their producers, to flag recalled auto parts. This will also help prevent recalled automotive parts from being circulated throughout the auto market.

Another initiative spearheaded by Automotive Recyclers Association is the education of major auto industry players and federal officials about the need for quick access to automotive parts data.

U.S. Department of Transportation

Anthony Foxx, Secretary Of U.S. Department of Transportation, has recently said that manufacturers of auto parts should give information related to recalled auto parts to recyclers in a clear-cut format that can be easily used on a mass scale. This was an answer given by Anthony Foxx to a Member of Congress who was acting on behalf of Automotive Recyclers Association. Another Member of Congress, also acting on behalf of this organization, has asked automakers about the reason they do not provide automobile parts data to automotive recyclers. Automotive Recyclers Association is still awaiting answer to this question.

Representatives of Automotive Recyclers Association have stated that they are proud to be spearheading these initiatives.