Crane picking up scrap metalIn a move to recover more precious metals from automotive catalytic converter scrap materials, Denver, Colorado based Vortex De-Pollution and Recycling Equipment will be partnering with Tetronics International in North American operations.

Tetronics International

Tetronics International is based in the United Kingdom and is known worldwide as a leader in the recovery of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other precious metals found in automotive scrap materials and in other industrial scrap materials. Vortex De-Pollution is a leader in the manufacturing and design of machinery designed to help recover, reuse, and recycle materials from automotive vehicles that have reached their end of useful life. Together, Tetronics International and Vortex De-Pollution will help to prevent pollution caused by the breakdown of toxic materials that are heavily laden with precious metals that can at times be toxic to the environment as they decompose.

Focus on Electronic Waste

As part of their partnership, Vortex De-Pollution and Recycling Equipment will be focusing on using Tetronics International’s expertise on how to tap into the rich resources that come from electronic waste. Many electronic components of automotive vehicles, such as car stereos, GPS systems, Bluetooth devices, and rear view cameras are made with quite a large amount of precious metals. Because these precious metals can give off toxic gases when they are disposed of through the traditional incineration process, they present a significant threat to environmental health and well-being.

For several years now, Tetronics International has pioneered the reuse and recycling of electronic waste materials from devices such as iPhones, tablet computers, and portable CD systems. In that pioneering research, Tetronics International has developed a unique direct current plasma technology in the form of a high temperature Direct Current Plasma Arc that is used to separate precious metals and other metallic components of electronic waste from unwanted organic or ceramic particles found in the recycled electronic materials. As they work together, Vortex De-Pollution will be able to bring Tetronics International’s unique technology to bear in the recycling industry in North America in ways that have not been seen before. Overall, these two innovative companies will help North American automakers and other industries to recycle more precious metals and other metallic components and reuse them in ways that are environmentally responsible.

For its part, Vortex De-Pollution and Recycling Equipment will be increasing its focus on the removal of catalytic converters on automotive vehicles and will be looking to offer additional solutions for the crushing, grinding and homogenizing of the catalytic converter material into something that can be smelted to remove more of the precious platinum group materials. As it implements Tetronics International’s plasma arc technology in its processing operations, Vortex De-Pollution is looking to use the technology to introduce an inert, safe, and reusable building product called Plasmarok that will be made from the catalytic converter casings and other less valuable materials.

In addition to introducing the Plasmarok building material to the North American market, Vortex De-Pollution will be working with technicians from Tetronics to offer more courses on all aspects of the de-pollution procedures, products, and health and environment compliance issues involved in the recycling of automotive vehicles that have reached the end of their useful lifespan.

All in all, the partnership of Tetronics International and Vortex De-Pollution brings two industry leaders together in a way that is certain to bring good things to the automotive recycling industry in North America.