Black SedanMercedes-Benz released the pricing for its brand new MY14 B-Class Electric Drive. This is the first electric car offered by Mercedes-Benz to consumers in the United States car market. The pricing is approximately $42,000. It could be more if destination and delivery charges are added. Those who purchase the B-Class Electric Drive may also qualify to receive federal tax credits. The amount of this tax credit could be over $7,000. In some cases, a consumer may also qualify for state and local tax credits.


The MY14 B-Class Electric Drive provides the driver with 177 horsepower. It is estimated to be able to go from zero to a speed of sixty in just under 8 seconds. The drive system has been designed to provide the most control and comfort possible. The power is controlled, so people don’t experience any heads snapping when starting out. It is also very quiet. Consumers dealing with daily city driving find this a valuable feature. It comes with a kick-down feature. When the accelerator pedal is pressed halfway down, there is a click from the pedal. This will add and additional 34 kilowatts of power. It is a front drive vehicle.

These vehicles will be covered with a Battery Coverage Plus warranty. This provides eight years and 100,000 mile of coverage for any defects in the battery. There is also yearly maintenance provided at no cost as well as roadside assistance. In order to take full advantage of the abilities of the MY14 B-Class Electric Drive, it is important they are charged with a wall box that is 240 volt and 40 amp. Most home chargers have a 30 amp capacity. There is a home charger that will be offered from Mercedes-Benz to those who purchase the car that is 40 amp. It is also possible to purchase a 40 amp charger from another company. When using a 40 amp charger, the car can go up to 80 miles or more on a full charge. It will take approximately five hours to charge from zero to a full charge.

Cargo And Passenger Room
This vehicle is designed to use energy space to hold the battery pack. This has enabled it to provide the maximum possible cargo and passenger space for a car this size. It provides seating for approximately five people. The driver’s seat can be moved all the way back if nobody is sitting behind them. Consumers need to realize this vehicle was not designed for long distance driving. It has plenty of room for local commuting.

A radar-based collision warning system as well as brake assist are standard features of the MY14 B-Class Electric Drive. A driver will receive audible and visual warnings combined with braking assist if circumstances require it. This vehicle has optional features such as blind spot assist, active parking assist and lane keeping assistance.

Familiar details such as a crease from the front-to-back in the sheet metal is standard. The grille is a prominent feature with its three horizontal sections. The standard star emblem is located on the top. It also has headlights that go around to the sides of the vehicle. It is considered an attractive vehicle by experts, but not exceptional.