Ford F-150The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety recently conducted a crash test. They found that the it cost of repairing the new environmentally-minded aluminum F-150 is 26 percent higher than the steel-bodied F-150.

However, this does not mean that people who have the aluminum F-150 will necessarily pay more for insurance. Insurance companies have stated that they will have to spend more time studying the cost before they decided to make a change in the premiums.

Insurance companies have stated that there are other factors besides the cost of repair that will influence the cost of insurance. The aluminum F-150 hit the market back in 2014. A spokesperson for State Farm has stated the insurance rates will remain the same unless there is data that suggests there is a need for change.

Ford has stated that stable insurance premiums suggest insurance companies have not increased premium costs. However, insurance companies may increase the cost of insuring the aluminum F-150 in the future. The spokesperson for State Farm stated that they will determine whether insurance premiums will change after they collect the necessary data about the F-150.

All State has stated that the premiums for the F-150 will remain the same while they wait to receive more data. The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety have stated that not only does it cost more to repair the aluminum F-150, but it also takes longer to repair.

Ford Says No Increase

The conclusions reported Insurance Institute For Highway Safety have been disputed by Ford. They have stated that the real-world repair costs on the aluminum F-150 cost less than $869 than the last F-150 model. The repair costs were assessed by Assured Performance, which is an independent body shop certification company.

A spokesperson for State Farm has stated that when automakers decided to build a car with a different material, there is usually an initial increase in the cost of repair. However, the cost may not necessarily be increased because of the uniqueness of the material used.

The State Farm spokesperson has stated that repair cost increase is typically due to the new equipment used. The cost of repair will usually go down as the use of materials becomes more common.

Ford Is Fighting The Critics

The findings by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety is more evidence that it could cost more for people to own an aluminum F-150. This is something that Ford has been trying to fight ever since it released the redesigned pickup. The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety said that it cost $4,147 to repair the front of the aluminum F-150. It cost $3,759 to repair the front of the steel F-150.

Eric Lyman is the vice president of industry insights at TrueCar has stated that it can be difficult to evaluate the true cost of repair. He has also stated that Ford most likely has a plan in place in order to prevent people from paying higher costs. Additionally, Lyman has stated that Ford has done its due diligence.