Post It LogoSelf-driving cars are set to define the future of the auto industry.

With more societies across the world embracing autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, the world must be ready to get rid of the human-operated vehicles. This is where auto recycling becomes relevant. It involves the dismantling of vehicles that are past their useful life to obtain spare parts. The relevance of auto recycling has become apparent as people adopt more sustainable living since it helps get rid of old cars thus reducing emissions and saving energy. The industry also preserves foreign exchange and generates the extra income in the economy. The continued penetration of the self-driving cars in the market has seen more people sending their old cars to local auto recyclers for dismantling and reuse.

What Are Post It Notes?

A post it note, also known as a sticky note, is a name used to refer to small pieces of paper that have re-adherable strip glue on their back that attach notes to documents or other surfaces on a temporary basis. The history behind post it notes involves Art Fry, Dr. Spencer’s colleague, who saw an opportunity to use the low adhesive that the scientist had discovered earlier. Art Fry realized that he could use the low adhesive to anchor a bookmark in the hymnal book. He went ahead to use the ‘permitted bootlegging’ policy in the 3M Company to actualize his idea.

What Is The Relationship Between Post It Notes And Self-Driving Cars?

The company behind the post-it notes is 3M, a company whose headquarters are in St. Paul, Minnesota. 3M has been accredited with many inventions and products on top of the post it notes. The other products include the scotch tape, Ace Brand bandages, and a waterproof sandpaper. The company has relied on innovations to ensure that its net sale of products are over $30 billion annually. The standard reflective signs is a creation of the 3M Company. The company is estimated to have more than 90,000 employees globally, and it has been pushing its limits to create more innovations in road signage that will be helpful in ushering in the self-driving cars on the roads. Recent findings by some security researchers revealed that self-driving cars could be compromised through sticking street signs with stickers. These revelations stirred an interest in 3M with the company moving to work on more innovations to deal with the concerns.

How 3M Is Using the Post It Concept to Improve the Efficiency of Self-Driving Cars
3M Company has come up with transparent stickers that government agencies can attach to road signs, work zone signs, and road workers’ vests. The stickers are not visible to the naked eye but they contain bar codes that self-driving cars can scan to provide information on their current locations. The information contained in the bar codes includes GPS coordinates and the location of the nearest traffic signs.

The thinking behind the use of stickers with bar codes is to make more information accessible to the self-driving cars that can complement information from their sensors and digital maps. Access to more information keeps the cars aware of their current locations hence increasing their efficiency.

3M Company has also made innovations to their stickers to make them compatible with different surfaces. In 2003, the company developed Post It Brand Sticky Notes that feature a strong adhesive that allows proper sticking on both vertical and rough surfaces.

3M has collaborated with different interested parties as they promote the actualization of self-driving cars. The company has collaborated with various auto manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors to adopt their stickers. The company in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Transportation initiated the installation of bar codes on work zones and provision of road workers’ vests. The collaboration involved the 3-mile stretch of the interstate 75 near Detroit.

The innovation in the auto industry are likely to force people to dispose their old cars and invest in new and technologically advanced ones including the self-driving cars. It is important for people purchasing new cars to take their old vehicles to auto recyclers for them to be disposed of properly. Auto recyclers will also identify the parts of your old car that could be reused.