Proctor & Gamble LogoWhen it comes to going green, there are all kinds of initiatives that are being launched all over the world.

Some of these initiatives include areas most people don’t think about when they think about terms like recycling. This includes moves like auto recycling that allows for even the most busted up vehicles to do more than simply sit in a junkyard.

Auto Recycling

Auto recycling means that people and companies turn to parts of older vehicles to put into new cars, or simply melt down those old parts in order to make new ones. This allows for less waste lying all over the planet, considering just how many people are driving cars these days. While these initiatives are geared towards cleaning up the land and making sure that less waste is being made from sea to shining sea, there is another initiative that is geared towards cleaning up those seas. The best news of all is that the Fairy Bottle project has been launched by one of the biggest companies in the world.

Proctor and Gamble

Proctor & Gamble has launched a new kind of plastic bottle, known as the Fairy Ocean Plastic bottle. This kind of bottle is made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic as well as plastic that is found floating in the oceans. The point of this new bottle is, of course, to raise the awareness of the harm this kind of plastic can do if it is left unchecked and try and make sure that we are all reducing the amount of plastic that is reaching the oceans.

Proctor & Gamble is launching this new initiative in partnership with a New Jersey-based company known as TerraCycle. Right now the Fairy Bottle is mostly being used in the United States, though there is a plan to get it to the United Kingdom and other parts of the world by the end of next year. When the project does make itself known overseas, the launch will include the biggest run of recyclable dish soap bottles ever, numbering over 300,000 units rolling out of recycling plants.

There is another point behind this project and one that auto recycling enthusiasts should take note of when it comes to getting people to help them in their own projects. This is about trying to not only raise awareness of just what is going on in our world when it comes to this kind of project but also get people to go out and find the plastic. Proctor & Gamble have said they want to be able to see more people doing things like going out and cleaning up beaches, where a ton of this ocean plastic comes from. While there are certainly problems with people on ocean liners and their own sailboats, dumping trash into the ocean, the much larger contributor to this trash is the massive amounts of pieces of plastic that are left on beaches and shorelines that are eventually blown or washed into the world’s many oceans.

While Proctor & Gamble has kicked this project off, the company is very much hoping other firms will pick up the pace and follow suit. It’s hoping the name recognition of P&G will get the general public more aware but also get more corporate partners interested in doing the right thing.

Virginie Helias recently told recycling today that the company wants to show it understands why the firm is among the most celebrated and most well known in the world. Proctor and Gamble has stepped up as one of the firms in the world that is making sure it helps to clean up the planet and work to find ways to help others clean the planet as well.

The company is clearly excited they are going to be launching fully recyclable bottle that really can go long ways in cleaning up the world’s oceans. This is the kind of project that could have long-lasting effects precisely because it not only points out what people need to do in order to really go green but underlines that there is a very real problem literally floating around in our waters. There wouldn’t be the chance to have such a large rollout if plastics in the water weren’t so prevalent.