IMG_0309People choose to serve in the military. There is no longer a draft. So military people all have one thing in common: a heart-felt desire to put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans.

They receive training and education that leads to a disciplined approach to life. They serve with valor and distinction. They are obedient to their commander in chief, and the community owes them a debt of gratitude. When wounded, they do not complain. When ostracized by the unknowing, they act with dignity.

Returning home, they sometimes find it difficult to re-enter the workforce. Gifted with an ongoing need to serve others, they sometimes straggle on the borderline of the economy. But given the opportunity, they can start businesses that go on contributing to the community. At the same time they include innovation and provide services that are hard to find. The discipline ingrained by their years of service produces good results in what they do. Many go on to volunteer their time, as well.

Jose Espinosa is an example of how well a veteran can do owning his own business. Earning the rank of Captain, he served our country for 19 years before emerging back into the public community as a veteran. Fortunately, he had the chance to start his own businesses and is the successful owner of both E & R Auto Wrecking and Espinoza Bail Bonds. In making these things happen, Mr. Espinoza has created jobs while giving prompt and reliable service to his customers. He is a fixture of the Modesto, CA area.

Support from the community is essential to veterans in owning their own businesses. In spite of immaculate service and discipline, they may have a difficult time fitting in when they retire from the service. At the same time they are often not ready to retire from working. Passing legislation is a lengthy and tedious process. It is also important to meeting the needs of returning veterans. Efforts to render California a veteran-friendly state get tied up in the red-tape and bureaucracy of the government. That is why it is vitally important to contact your state legislators and speak out on behalf about measures to help the “vetrepreneur.” Only with institutional change may things improve for veterans, like Mr. Espinoza, who wish to go on serving their communities in a new capacity.

E & R Auto Wrecking is more than just a salvage yard. It is the best resale and eco-friendly auto business in the area. More than that, it is a place where veterans and the community intertwine. People share their victories and benefit from their achievements. People in the military are doing their duty to serve the country. In is time for their countrymen and women to do their duty in return, and contact CA state legislators today to get the law changed.