Volvo LogoThe alternative fueled vehicle has been a brainchild of the auto industry for many years.

It is a concept that addresses many issues within the car making business and the environment. Environmentalist have targeted vehicle manufacturers and charged them with the burden of cleaning up their activities. The electric car has been the answer. It seems that one manufacturer is ready evolve into producing only electric cars. This will bring great change to the automobile manufacturing industry. The move makes a statement that auto manufacturers are serious about making a positive impact on the environment. More fuel-efficient cars and auto recycling are key elements to changing the way the process is done.

The Transition Is Being Made To All Electric Vehicles

The transition to a fleet of all electric cars is a bold statement. It shows the commitment of major car manufacturers. They believe that the alternative fueled vehicle is the way of the future. Currently Tesla is best known for its all electric car fleet. Pricing will be an issue. It remains to be seen if the technologically advanced electric vehicles will financially appeal to car drivers. There is expected to be a variety of options, including high performance vehicles. The product diversity is designed to give the customers a healthy amount of choices. By 2019 every new model released will be a hybrid or EV. Performance ranges will vary. Some models will be introduced that are capable of covering 310 miles. This type of performance level is in the same range of capabilities as the other well-reviewed electric vehicles on the market. The cost of electrification will mean a complete change in business practices. Producing combustion engines was sacrificed in order to complete the evolution to all fuel alternative vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Continues To Evolve And Become More Relevant

The idea of the alternative fuel vehicle is not new. However, it has taken time for it to gain a mainstream presence in society. It is still viewed as a novelty by some, and traditionally fueled engines remain a force in the automobile market. As car manufacturers continue to diversify their presentation, alternative fuel vehicles are becoming more of an influence on the world’s highways. The Toyota Prius is the number one selling electric vehicle in the world. The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in version of the electric vehicle and is the number one selling alternative vehicle of its kind. The year 2016 saw less motor vehicles on the roads as electric cars grew in volume. Gas filling stations are continuing to convert in order to accommodate the amount of electric cars that are on the road. Plug-in cars are increasing in availability. The Nissan Leaf represents one of the better performing highway capable electric plug-in vehicles. It was the highest selling vehicle of its kind in 2016.

Environmental Benefits Of Automobile Recycling

Automobile recycling is a crucial aspect of how the automobile industry will contribute to reducing its environmental footprint in the world. There are many aspects of manufacturing that go into making a car. All of these elements affect the environment in a particular way. Coal is required to make iron into Steel. Steel that is recycled from old automobiles saves tons of coal. This process in itself has a positive effect on the manufacturing industry’s environmental footprint. Consideration also must be given to recycling the fluids that are in old automobiles. This reduces the necessity for landfills to store these dangerous chemicals. Recycling steel avoids the process of manufacturing new steel. Manufacturing new steel requires the refining of iron ore. The plants involved in this process are some of the largest polluters in the world. Only gas and diesel burning vehicles create more pollution than these plants.

Switching to an all electric car fleet is a bold statement. This business move will surely capture the attention of other automobile manufacturers. Time will tell how soon and how many will follow along. However, there is no denying the fact that the electric automobile is going to make a huge impact on the industry and the environment moving forward. Dedication to the electric car will force other major manufacturers to invest less in combustion engines as well. The key to this entire dynamic is how customers will respond to the new products that are presented.