New-or-used carIs it better to keep an old, well maintained fuel-efficient compact car that gets 25 mpg on the highway or sell it and purchase a new compact car that gets 35 mph on the highway?

It makes sense to keep an older car if it gets good gas mileage and there are no major mechanical problems. There are added environmental costs involved with both purchasing a new vehicle and shipping off an old car to get crushed at a junkyard. A lot of car parts are not biodegradable or reusable.

Automotive recyclers will often dismantle vehicles sitting in a junkyard and salvage valuable spare parts. Residents of California can find fixed salvage cars for sale in California near junkyards. The best salvage cars for sale in California are cheap and easy to maintain. The best way is to find an online auto wrecker that salvage a large pool of cars as well as car parts for sale. Salvage cars for sale are a steal if the vehicle can quickly be restored to proper working order. Sometimes insurance companies will negotiate with the seller to total the vehicle and avoid paying large claims. A salvage cars auction will feature cars selling for 30 to 50 cents on the dollar – sometimes much less. Auto wrecking California dealerships often specialize in selling valuable auto parts taken from broken down vehicles dating back to the 1930’s. Auto wrecking at automotive recyclers help customers find hidden gems.

Gas mileage determines what kind of an impact a vehicle will have on the environment. Older and sports cars release an abundance of harmful gases. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the kind of gas mileage a vehicle gets is the most significant factor when determining a vehicle’s carbon footprint. Drivers can save gas by taking their foot off the gas when coasting down a hill, filling all tires with the recommended air pressure, avoiding driving in the city, and carpooling.

Hybrid cars are relatively new and not fully understood by customers. A hybrid car has both an internal combustion engine and electric battery. Two engines under the hood of a hybrid increases manufacturer emissions. All-electric vehicles are only emission-free if their source of power comes from a renewable energy source. A coal-burning power plant does not provide a clean source of energy.

Purchasing a used car from a salvage cars auction from online auto wreckers prevents the extra carbon emissions released when buying a new car fresh off of boats. A used car has already been on the road for some time. It has already been manufactured.

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A 2004 Toyota case study concluded approximately 28% of the carbon emissions released into the environment from the tailpipe of a vehicle during its lifetime on the road happen during transportation from manufacturer to dealer. Another study conducted at Seikei University in Japan found that number to be 12%.

Cities in the United States with a high population density are prone to the development of smog. Smog is fog or haze with added pollutants. It contains Ozone, which can damage the lungs of animals and human beings if consumed in large amounts. Smog is most common in densely populated cities with factories. In the United States, smog comes in the summer. Cities with a lot of foot traffic like New York and Boston are less susceptible to smog.

Urban environments can have their benefits. Dense cities usually have shorter commuting distances considering houses and buildings are built close together, which can save gas. A recent American Lung Association 2012 State of the Air survey shared some good news; many of the most-smog-polluted cities have seen an overall decrease of pollutants released into the air. Unfortunately, also according to the survey, nearly half of all Americans living in the United States are still living in areas with unhealthy air conditions.

The next step towards reducing air pollution is to drive less, and use public transportation that operates using a renewable energy source. Tesla is leading the charge for all-electric sedans. The Federal Highway Administration says that biking and commuting with public transportation can decreases emissions in the air by two to four percent. Several cities in the United States are cracking down on unnecessary idling. If drivers fail to cut off their engine after a certain period of time, they may receive a hefty fine.

When it is time to get rid of your old vehicle, it is not a bad idea to purchase a new-to-you used vehicle to delay the environmental costs associated with buying a new car. Mechanics have fixed salvage cars for sale in California and sold them for a reasonable price. Auto Wrecking California has the Best Salvage Cars for Sale.