Mack Truck LogoMack Trucks has confirmed that renewable diesel fuel may be used in all Mack Truck engines.

Mack Trucks made the announcement after running a series of tests to make sure that using renewable diesel fuel will not harm Mack engines. In addition to not causing any direct harm, the company found that the fuel provided similar performance as that provided by conventional petroleum-based diesel fuel. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Impact on Greenhouse Gasses

This change yields great environmental benefits (similar to recycling end of life autos). Renewable diesel fuel results in lower greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouses gases trap heat within the atmosphere and increase the rate of global warming. The fuel does this by reducing the amount of particulate matter produced by the engine of a Mack Truck. In a study performed by researchers working for the California Air Resources Board, it was found that using renewable diesel fuel reduced the amount of greenhouse gases released by an engine by anywhere from fifteen percent to as much as eighty percent. This high change results from the exact material the producer makes the fuel from. Regardless, the use of the fuel provided a positive environmental impact.

Using renewable diesel fuel also benefits the consumer. Mack Truck claims that the use of such renewable fuel actually decreases lifetime maintenance costs on an engine. With this announcement from Mack Trucks, the use of such fuel will also not risk the voiding of any warranties. Renewable diesel also performs better at low temperatures than conventional biodiesel. The cleaner running fuel can help both the planet and the drivers on it.

A second generation alternative fuel, producers make renewable diesel from biomass feedstock largely coming from oil and animal fat. Renewable diesel differs from normal biodiesel in the method of production, resulting in a fuel with better performance and lower environmental impact. The resulting diesel maintains performance similar to its petroleum counterpart and meets the same ASTM D975 standard.

Mack’s Environmental Focus

Mack Trucks has recently focused on increasing the alternative fuels that can be used in their vehicles and engines. The company already offered a number of natural gas-powered engines. Stu Rossoli, a marketing manager for Mack, made it clear that Mack Trucks continues to find new ways to expand the types of alternative fuels available to its customers. This approval of renewable diesel brings them a step closer to the goal of giving customers flexibility in what cleaner fuels they may use. Frank Bio, North American director of sales development, specialty vehicles and alternative fuels for Mack’s parent company Volvo, stated, “Environmental care is a core value… and we are pleased to offer our customers another alternative fuel choice. Availability of renewable diesel fuel is growing in California and throughout the country.” He went on to claim that this fuel meets the standards of normal petroleum fuel.