Sears Automotive LogoWith so many aspects of life shifting into eco-friendly green living, there is a place for nearly every aspect of daily life on the scale of green living. Whether it is related to work or home, the tenets of green living have been spreading across the globe rapidly. The widespread impact of going green has also transcended into other areas of life such as laundry services and supplies, efficient energy usage and application, and household appliances and smart technology, even automotive products, services, and recycling.

Sears Automotive Services Makes Going Green Easy

Sears Automotive has enhanced some additional services that can help customers with its participation in recycling and zero waste programs. Sears Automotive is a participant in the Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise program.

WasteWise allows Sears Automotive along with the rest of Sears Holding Corporation in reducing the amount of waste that goes into local landfills and improve its ability to reach zero waste. Along with the WasteWise program, Sears Automotive Centers can achieve its goal of zero waste by providing its customers an extensive menu of services that provide customers with multiple ways for them to recycle and reduce waste.

Sears Automotive Centers WasteWise Program Services:

Battery Recycling Program

Part of the waste free program is a $5 recycling inventive for automotive batteries. Since the inception of the program, Sears Automotive Centers has been able to recycle 41,000 tons of lead acid waste. Additionally, Sears has been able to “close the loop” per se by recycling 100 percent of battery components. Through its battery recycling program, Sears Automotive Centers has been able to use its exclusive yet innovative acid reclamation process to eliminate its hazardous lead acid waste disposal.

Recycled Automotive Fluids

Sears Automotive Centers also provides its customers with the means to recycle automotive fluids at its service centers. In fact, since 2012, Sears Automotive Centers has been able to recycle over 3,000,000 gallons of used motor oil and over 9,000 55-gallon drums of oil filters. The program includes recycling automotive tires and antifreeze.

Additional Recycling Programs and Partnerships with Sears

In addition to its exceptional automotive recycling programs, Sears Automotive Centers participates and partners in a variety of programs that include recycling batteries and cellular phones. Some of the programs include partnerships with Call 2 Recycle and Safety-Kleen. These types of recycling and recovery programs have helped Sears Automotive Centers provide its customers with a pathway to zero waste and green living, reducing the carbon footprint of its customers and lowering the rate of hazardous waste in landfills.

Sears Automotive Centers has made green living accessible for its customers. The automotive centers can still stimulate and facilitate recycling and waste reduction through its various partnerships and programs.