Old Gray Sedan in Modesto Junk YardModesto Junk Yards

Decommissioned or wrecked vehicles are brought to a wrecking yard. The vehicles are dismantled, and usable parts are sold to be used in vehicles that can still navigate. Unusable parts are referred to as scrap metal. They are sold to companies that recycle metal. Other terms are used to describe a wrecking yard. They include scrapheap, dismantler, breakers yard, salvage yard, wrecker’s yard and wreck yard. In Modesto, CA they are called junk yards. In a directory, they may be listed under salvage yards or automobile wrecking yards. A Modesto junk yard operates on a local level. Vehicles that are severely damaged, malfunctioning beyond repair, or not worth repairing, end up in the junk yard. Abandoned and derelict vehicles sold at police impound auctions or insurance tow yards are sources of vehicles for junk yard owners. Junk yards tow the automobiles from the purchase site to the yard. On occasion, vehicles are driven to the junk yard. Typically, the vehicles are arranged in rows. Those with no salvageable parts are often crushed and stacked on top of each other.

Junk Yard Inventory

An inventory of usable parts and their location in the yard is kept in the business office. The inventory might be published on the junk yard’s website. Junk yards are becoming tech savvy. Some have inventory systems that are computerized. Approximately 75 percent of an automobile can be recycled. In recent years, the services of satellite part finders have been utilized. They are replacing expensive call centers of the 20th century. Requests for parts can be emailed instantly. Individuals seek discounted automobile parts from a junk yard, when they want to rebuild or repair their vehicles. Junk yard customers also come from automobile repair services. Some junk yards remove the reusable parts and warehouse them. Other junk yards require customers to remove parts themselves. There are some junk yards that offer installation services for the used parts. The majority only sell the used parts.

Information about Modesto, CA

It is Stanislaus County’s county seat. Modesto is the largest city of the county. A little over 200,000 people live in Modesto. It is located in Central Valley of Northern California. Modesto is less than two hours drive time from San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, and Yosemite National Park. It is surrounded by farmland. Agricultural production in the county includes corn silage, walnuts, chickens, almonds, and milk. Modesto became immortalized when George Lucas’s film American Graffiti was produced in 1973. One would be remiss by not mentioning that Modesto has the world’s largest winery. Modernization has been taking place in the 2000s. New attractions include the Downtown Plaza and the Gallo Center for the Arts. The Hotel Covell, the Sears building, and the Strand Theatre have been replaced by improved traffic flow. Celebrities that are from Modesto include actress and singer, Carol Channing; winemakers, Ernest and Julio Gallo; previously mentioned George Lucas; and Olympic gold medalist, Mark Spitz. There are a couple Modesto junk yards, but the best Modesto junk yard is E & R Auto Wrecking. People who have old vehicles have several options when dealing with Modesto auto wrecking. Car parts that are typically removed from vehicles are those that can be resold. They include seats, mirrors, and lights. Sections of late model vehicles are often removed and become part of the junk yard inventory. Auto parts companies are frequently interested in engines and transmissions