Junk Yard Information

Junk yard Modesto, CAMillions of people around the world know that junk yards and auto wrecking yards are the perfect place to take their old junkers and vehicles that no longer run. Known as wrecking yards in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, these yards also go by the name of scrap yards in Britain and junk yards in the United States. Modesto residents are lucky enough to have a great scrap yard practically in their backyards. E & R Auto Wrecking, one of the oldest companies of its type, runs its own Modesto junk yard.

What is a Junk Yard?

Many people think that junk yards only accept broken down cars and vehicles that no longer run, but these scrap yards actually accept vehicles in all conditions. A large number of those vehicles were involved in an accident that led to the insurer viewing the vehicle as totaled. This occurs when the cost to repair the car is higher than the car is worth. Insurance companies can pay off the total cost of the car for less than it would cost for that company to repair the car. Some scrap yards accept more than just cars and trucks too. Some yards accept other types of vehicles, including boats and motorcycles.

Where do the Vehicles Come from?

The vehicles found in a typical junk yard come from a variety of different sources. One of the largest suppliers of those vehicles are insurance companies. After an accident, the insurer sends an appraiser to check out the vehicle or arranges for a tow of that vehicle to a repair shop. If the insurer deems the car as totaled, the company will arrange for the transportation of that vehicle to a scrap yard. Other vehicles come from owners who decide that they no longer want or need their cars or trucks. Some junk yards operating in Modesto will even buy old beaters and junk cars from owners. Some cities allows the towing of cars that are abandoned in the city. If the owner doesn’t pay the tow and impound fees within a set period of time, the yard can take over ownership of that car.

What Happens to the Cars?

Some people think of the junk yards that they see on television and in movies. They imagine a large space filled with cars of different ages, makes and models. While some yards still keep a large number of vehicles on hand, many yards now salvage scrap metal from those vehicles first. They remove door panels, hoods, trunk panels and any other large pieces of metal. They then sell those components to recycling companies. The leftover parts, including tires, accessories and engine components are available for sale. Local residents can stop by and look for the parts that they need to repair their own vehicles.

Benefits of Junk Yards

Scrap yards often look over cars that come in and identify the most frequently asked for parts, including windshields, rear view mirrors, side mirrors and mufflers. They place those in a convenient location in the yard and keep a computerized account of each piece they have in stock. Shoppers looking for a specific part can come in and find that part quickly without spending hours digging through the yard to find the right component. Some scrap yards give shoppers the freedom to look through the cars currently available and find the parts they want to buy without going through the computer system first. E & R Auto Wrecking ranks as the top Modesto junk yard. The scrap yard buys all makes, models and types of vehicles, and they can send a tow truck directly to a vehicle owner’s home to make the process even easier. Scrap yards purchase and acquire vehicles through various means. Those yards recycle some parts and sell other parts, which helps Modesto residents make money and protect the environment.