Angry woman with broken down carIf you’ve just recycled your old car, you are looking for a new auto, you may consider the safety ratings, customer satisfaction statistics, plus the popularity of the auto in the commercial center.

Additionally, do not look down on the reviews some brands have to go through. Today, some auto brands appear to declare data for new recalls consistently.
Whether they are compromising on the assembling floor or neglecting to vet the majority of the parts and plans they give an ok, automakers regularly take responsibility for customer lives. A more conspicuous recall of recent times, the Takata airbag review, reignited a concern on safety standards of autos on the roadways presently. The most recent predictions in the United States auto industry suggest that close to 34 million autos are at risk.

Highest Recalled Vehicles

To compile a list of the highest recalled vehicle manufacturer brands, an analysis of the data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is essential. The 10 most recalled auto brands in light of NHTSA reports include:
Ford autos have been the highest recalled since 2004. The vast majority of their recalls have remained out of the spotlight. Due to their high sales and far-reaching auto lineup, their vehicles have been tipped to encounter more recalls compared to other manufacturers.
As of late, Ford F-model trucks that include the smash hit Ford F-150 have been recalled due to transmission problems related to an output speed sensor, affecting close to 202,000 trucks. Other recalls involved specific parts, for example, the driver’s air packs module review on Ford Flex, and affected just 200 vehicles.

In a bit of a stunner, BMW has managed to be among the top five of most recalled auto brands. It’s to a great extent due to the BMW X5 sports design vehicle that has experienced numerous recalls due to braking problems, Takata air pack inflators, and an engine slowdown, among other issues.
The BMW auto has a reputation for being among the most dependable vehicles available regardless of the issues depicted by the long-running X5 model. The BMW Company has gone beyond their auto recalls by issuing recall statements when some concerns have been noted and extending warranty periods to insure against potential issues.

Chevrolet has a couple of brand recalls that have significantly tainted their image and name. Among them, the startup/ignition recall affecting many years of the Malibu, Cobalt, and different models, alongside some mid-2014 Silverados with almost a dozen recalls. Electric power steering recalls on Chevy Malibu, Malibu Maxx, and Cobalt models have also been tormenting Chevrolet for a considerable time.
In spite of these challenges, Chevrolet still sells a lot of vehicles every year and the number of accidents or fatalities reported is amazingly low considering the volume of autos it sells.

Another vehicle maker that has been in the limelight for a high number of recalls is Toyota. There has been the unintended speeding up recall for Corolla, Prius, and Matrix models. There has also been Floor mat recalls, defective accelerator recalls, and recall on engine control systems for more than 2 million Matrix and Corolla vehicles.

Spanning an extensive variety of vehicle brands and segments, Dodge has a broad lineup and sells a lot of vehicles annually. However, they have recorded among the highest vehicle recalls in the past ten years. The recalls have mostly been occasioned by steering issues on the popular Ram pickup model. The steering problem affected more than a million trucks while another problem of transmission failure affected 159 vehicles.

GMC has attained a lower profile on reviews basically due to its smaller number of vehicles. With few sales and models for Sierra, there are few recalls compared to Chevrolet’s Silverado which has had many recalls.
The GMC Savana vans are among the most noticeable culprits for recalls in the past 10 years. The recalls have been due to pitman arm failures, steering gear problems, and dash pad problems.

There have been many recalls around the world from Nissan of late. Close to 3 million vehicles have been recalled due to airbag sensor issues and another 620,000 due to seat belt restraint problems. There have also been minor recalls, for example, the Leaf electric powered car that was recalled due to braking problems.