Novelis LogoNovelis, an $11 billion company operating in 11 countries and employing approximately 11,500 people worldwide as the world’s global leader in rolled aluminum products, is excited to announce the Novelis Advanz™ 7000 high-strength alloys specifically designed for many critical safety components that go into the structures of vehicles.

These alloys have approximately two to three times the strength of the automotive aluminum employed today and will be used in the manufacture of intrusion beams in doors, in bumper systems, and in crash ring components.

While further increasing the high levels of safety for passengers, the new alloy also offers a significant weight reduction compared to high strength steels, and that will allow auto makers to reduce vehicles’ weights often by hundreds of pounds, improve fuel economy, and meet the government’s new standards for gas mileage.  These changes will greatly benefit the environment and recycling industry.

The body, chassis, and power train occupy about 60 percent of the weight of a vehicle, so there exist targets for weight loss as an important part for the necessary application of automotive lightweight materials.

More about Novelis

A. Novelis employees celebrated a big anniversary in September 2015 when the company’s Kingston, Ontario, Canada, manufacturing plant turned 75 years old. Known as Alcan in the past, it was once the largest private sector employer in the city with a staff numbering in the thousands. The plant was built in 1940 in the Second World War and made aluminum parts for fighter planes. Currently it produces rolled aluminum for the auto industry as well as other sectors.

B. Novelis’ recently expanded 1.7-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Scriba, New York, near Oswego, will continue playing a central role in the drive to supply the world’s automobile manufacturers with aluminum. Growing with over $400 million in additions over the last few years that resulted in greatly expanding its capacity, Novelis has almost 1,200 employees, which accounts for 250 more than just 2 ½ years ago, and is the largest private employer in Oswego County.

The factory makes aluminum for the Ford F-150 pickup body panels. That is the most popular truck in the United States, and the company plans to make announcements over the next 12 to18 months of new truck and car models with a variety of auto manufacturers that will contain aluminum made at the plant.

Steve Fisher, the new chief executive for Novelis, having been appointed CEO on August 10, 2015, sees a bright future for the company. When he was the chief financial officer, the company invested approximately $2 billion to grow and transform its business. As vice president of corporate development and strategic planning, he headed major strategic and financial transactions.

C. Novelis’ North American and global headquarters is located in Atlanta in the United States.