Gold SedanA year since their signing of the Climate Declaration, General Motors (GM) continues to demonstrate that there are business opportunities in green technologies and production, helping the overall environment and reducing waste.


The Climate Declaration

The Climate Declaration, created by sustainable business advocacy group Ceres and its Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy Coalition, the Climate Declaration asserts that energy efficiency, green technology, and reduced emissions have inherent benefits to businesses. As of now, GM is the only automaker out of about 750 signatures.

General Motors has a comprehensive fuel-efficient and electric vehicle selection that reflects the company’s dedication to responsible and clean manufacturing, including using renewable energy sources and increasing the efficiency of their operations. For the second year in a row, the Environmental Protection Agency has awarded GM an Energy Star Partner of the Year award for superior energy management.

Energy-Efficient Organizations

In addition to their recognition by the U.S. government, GM was ranked among the top 10 percent of energy-efficient organizations in the CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report 2013. This report recognizes those companies who excel in measuring emissions and energy usage and who have a clear and public strategy for combating climate change.

GM continues to make the case for an energy-efficient business model to employees and suppliers, which helped them to receive the Energy Star Partner of the Year award for raising awareness of climate change among consumers. GM also committed to the voluntary EPA SmartWay Partnership in order to continue to push for benchmarking of fuel consumption and reduction of emissions by freight shippers.

While GM has joined many organizations in support of the need to address climate change, the real proof of their dedication comes from their ability and commitment to making changes within the walls of their own company. Since signing the Climate Declaration, GM has taken the following steps to address efficiency and climate change:

•Expanded their electric vehicle lineup with the Chevrolet Spark EV and the Cadillac ELR. These vehicles now sit alongside the Chevrolet Volt, a fully electric vehicle introduced in 2012.
•Met the Energy Star Challenge for Industry at another nine plants for a total of 63 manufacturing facilities across the world. For these efforts, GM was saved $162 million in energy costs.
•Has gained recognition from the Solar Energy Industries Associate as a Solar Champion for significantly contributing to the establishment of a solar industry in the United States.
•Metro Detroit’s solid municipal waste is used at the Detroit-Hamtramck facility for heating and cooling, removing coal-fired boilers.
•Gained a total of six LEED certifications worldwide.
•Earned ISO 50001 certification for energy management at an additional two facilities in Argentina and Mexico, bringing the total number of facilities certified to nine worldwide.
•Established a partnership with Honda and the United States Army to contribute to advancing fuel cell system technologies, as well as other green technologies.
•Applied the first use of OnStar’s Smart Grid solutions in a real-world application by partnering with TimberRock to utilize a fleet of electric vehicles to help regulate energy flow.