Police car in dark with lights onSixty years of expertise and knowledge are behind the design of Ford’s Police Interceptor.

The company utilized information gained through research and development relationships with professional law enforcement. The design of this vehicle had police applications in mind. Every aspect of protecting chassis components to electronic equipment power and storage received careful thought.  Environmental factors were also considered when the car was designed and also how it could be recycled at the end of its life.

Officer Protection Features:

75-MPH Rear Crash Test

Passing this test is one of the strengths that define the Ford Police Interceptor. The vehicle continues the tradition of extreme officer protection. A full-size spare tire, securely placed in the factory location, is part of the design needed to achieve the crash test performance. Structural reinforcement and SPACE Architecture (SPACE standing for Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement) work together to protect officers.

Level III and IV Ballistic Door Panels

The door panels meet the requirements for Level III or IV of the NIJ, the Department of Justice research and development branch. Door panel designs withstand the LAPD special threat rounds requirement.

Structural Integrity

Advanced safety technology helps in the energy absorption of a collision in the event a crash occurs. The technology directs impact forces away from occupants. Also, strategically placed crumble zones in the body and frame further absorb and dissipate the crash energy to reduce occupant compartment intrusion.

Personal Safety System

A Personal Safety System that employs a sophisticated sensors network, controlling the front safety belts and airbags, is standard The system determines the occupant’s size and what airbags to deploy in the event of a collision. The sensors in the Police Interceptor distinguish between a collision impact and rounds fired at them. The design prevents inadvertent airbag deployment during a firefight.

Safety Canopy System

The renown Ford Safety Canopy System is also a standard feature. The system causes side-curtain airbag deployment in rollover accidents that protect the passenger’s head. Inflation occurs between the side window and the occupant’s head even if the head leans toward the window.

Side Airbags

Mounted on the upper outside edge of the front seat driver and passenger seat backs, are the standard side airbags.

Reverse Sensing System

To help mitigate rear vehicle bumps and scuffs, a Reverse Sensing System is available. The system issues audible notifications when the recognition of objects within six feet of the vehicle occurs as it slowly backs up.


Those trying to escape from the Ford Police Interceptor won’t get far due to the 365-horsepower, 3.5 EcoBoost engine. The police-tuned suspension, police-calibrated powertrain, and the all-wheel drive design are specifically for pursuit driving.

Powerful and Efficient Engine

A variety of engine choices delivers more efficiency and power than previous models. The Exclusive EcoBoost technology gives the acceleration and closing speed needed for pursuit driving while delivering impressive efficiency. Two turbochargers all but eliminate hesitation or turbo lag. The high-pressure, direct-injection fuel system delivers a vaporized fuel mist directly to the cylinders during the intake stroke. The process contributes to efficiency by allowing an engine to breathe more freely. The EcoBoost has a flat torque curve with peak power availability throughout the rev range. Officers manage all the power provided with the help of standard all-wheel drive.

The engine operates on E85 fuel if desired. Meeting municipality financial goals is easier with the excellent fuel economy provided. Standard powertrains offer an advantage for fleet management. One set of interchangeable components and maintenance parts minimizes the complexity of caring for the fleet.

Police Lights

Drivers often are on the lookout for law enforcement vehicles. Until recently, they looked for a Crown Victoria. That model was the choice of the elderly, taxi drivers, and the police. Now, civilians are driving Ford Explorers and Chargers that are favorites of police agencies. Drivers find themselves looking for other telltale signs such as an upright shotgun or interior-mounted emergency lighting.

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle makes spotting those indicators more difficult. Law-enforcement vehicles with no exterior light bar, bear the reference ‘slicktop.’ By embedding the emergency lights in the utility vehicle’s rear spoiler, Ford made the police vehicle slicker. Drivers need to look for telltale contrasting color areas above the rear window. Agency run vehicles, having light-silver or white liveries are even tougher to spot. Ford paired the set-up with a front interior-visor light that hides behind the windshield’s tinted area.