Ford LogoIn an innovative move to become a leader in corporate responsibility for taking care of the environment, Ford has announced that it has partnered with Unifi to begin using Repreve material in several of its 2015 model vehicles. Ford has been extensively using the Repreve material in its 2015 F-150 trucks. This usage has allowed Ford to reduce its carbon footprint while recycling materials that would otherwise be considered trash.

Repreve Material

The Repreve material that Ford is using in the new 2015 F-150 is made from plastic bottles that have been recycled into polyethylene terephthalate fabric and material, which is commonly known as polyester. This polyester material is being utilized by Ford in the new F-150’s seat components. Also Ford has previously used Repreve in other vehicles such as the 2011 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle. By utilizing Repreve in its cars and trucks, Ford is taking about 22 plastic bottles out of the landfill for each vehicle that it produces.

Carol Kordich, Ford’s lead designer and person in charge of global sustainability materials strategy development has said, “By using Repreve in the all-new Ford F-150, we are reconfirming our commitment to using renewable and recyclable materials in our vehicles. We are always looking for ways to incorporate more innovative and sustainable materials into our vehicles.”

According to CNN reports done in January of 2015, the Ford F-150 is one of the best selling trucks in the United States. By using Repreve in this popular truck, Ford is showing that it is committed to ecological excellence and making sustainability a vital part of its corporate responsibility. Ford is currently using Repreve material in five different vehicles that it produces around the world.

Ford’s Fleet

Ford has been working with Unifi since 2012 to find more ways to utilize and capitalize upon the applications available for Repreve materials in Ford’s fleet of vehicles that it produces. Currently Ford is using about 42 million pounds of Repreve material each year and would like to increase that to 72 million pounds in the near future.

At present, Ford is the only automaker using Repreve material. However, because Ford is using this innovative material in vehicles around the globe, it is making Repreve a worldwide phenomenon. This worldwide usage of Repreve shows that Ford is solidly committed to its corporate pledge to lessen its environmental footprint through the use of materials that can be reduced, reused, and recycled.

Overall, Ford has taken the lead in being an innovative pioneer in the use of green technologies. As it continues to incorporate Repreve material into other vehicles it produces, Ford is hoping to keep more than 5 million plastic bottles each year from reaching landfills.

Roger Berrier, President of Unifi, has said, “We are excited to work with Ford for the introduction of Repreve into the automotive industry. As Repreve continues to expand into new applications and markets, consumers are becoming more aware of companies like Ford and Unifi working together to make a positive impact on the environment.”

As Repreve becomes more commonly used, it is hoped that more automakers will follow Ford’s lead and commitment to utilizing environmentally friendly materials in the construction of their vehicles. Ford has most definitely become the leader of the pack through its forward-thinking use of this revolutionary material.