Group of military menMembers of the military are some of the most highly-trained individuals and when they choose to leave the armed forces, many employers find them some of the most valuable employees on their team.

Because former military personnel have the ability to gain experience in a wide range of job skills, finding employment may seem daunting. These five jobs have been shown to be an excellent choice for individuals with a military background.

Business Ownership

The military provides strong focus on discipline and leadership, which is why many members of the armed services find great success in entrepreneurship once they leave the military. For example, E&R Auto Wrecking, a local business in Modesto, California, The company is owned by Jose Espinoza and Ricardo Garcia, lifelong friends who became partners in the business after Jose ended his military career. Their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the customer indicate why starting a business is the perfect option for someone with a military background.

Law Enforcement

Police officers, security guards and correctional officers all follow a military-based method of leadership, which is why former military members do well in those careers. Law enforcement officers have a desire to service their community and to protect the rights of others, which is why people enter the military as well. Some law enforcement agencies offer hiring preferences to former military members as well.

Information Technology

It is not unusual for former military members to have experience in information technology and many of them enter the field after their service in the armed services as well. Information technology is a growing field with many different positions available, making it easy for former military members to find a position that best matches the experience they gained while serving.

Civil Service

Many times, people who leave the military want to remain in service to the public. For that reason, many service men and women enter the civilian public service arena that helps support the federal government. Civil service positions are available in large cities and near military bases throughout the country. Because many civil service positons support the military, those with inside knowledge of how the military operates are better suited to some civil service positions than those who have never served.


The military is one of the largest organizations in the world and those with expertise in military operations can often provide insight and advice, not only to military organizations but to private businesses as well. With military insight, companies who do business with the military or the government in general may find the knowledge of someone who served in the armed forces to have additional knowledge over those who have never served.

These five careers are the perfect options for someone who is considering leaving the military or who has recently returned to civilian life. The jobs allow former military members to apply the knowledge and expertise they developed while serving. Veteran-owned businesses, such as E&R Auto Wrecking are excellent places to seek employment or to seek advice if a veteran is looking into starting their own business.