Cash for Cars yellow pickup truckCash for Cars: The Main Aspects

There are thousands of cars on the road that end up becoming money pits with a constant need for repairs, maintenance, and new parts. Some people also keep their old cars rotting in their yards because they stopped working and trying to sell them seems like a pointless hassle. However, there is a destination for old junky cars that gives them the opportunity to be useful once again. Auto recycling companies such as E&R Auto Wrecking utilize the cash for cars system to allow owners of old vehicles, also known as end-of-life vehicles or ELVs, to get rid of their old junk cars in exchange for money.

Cash for cars is a system where auto recycling centers will pay a car owner a certain amount of money for broken down, wrecked or simply unwanted junk cars. The cars are then recycled for any parts that can be salvaged to be used in other vehicles and the rest is used for scrap metal that can also be used in other vehicles or items.

Environmental Benefits of Cash for Cars

This system is a very environmentally friendly alternative to letting old cars rot and take up space in someone’s yard or a junkyard. If they’re still operational, old worn out cars may also get extremely poor gas mileage and emit more air pollution than usual.

The process itself is also environmentally friendly. Unlike other methods of disposing of old cars, auto recycling programs take special care to avoid polluting the ground with hazardous vehicle fluids that may leak during the process.

Over 75 percent of the vehicle is usually recycled, creating much less waste and providing more materials for the creation of new car parts to help prevent exhausting resources.

Car Owner Benefits of Cash for Cars

There’s also no cost to the car owner for this whatsoever. There’s no taxes to worry about, no additional fees based on the condition or age of the vehicle, just instant cash based on the year of the vehicle ranging anywhere on average between $150 and $500.

Most people also don’t have to worry about transporting vehicles from their homes to the recycling center. This is a common worry for many people who want to partake in this process. The price of renting a tow truck or even fixing up the vehicle enough to actually run may seem to outweigh any money that may be received from recycling the vehicle. However, many businesses that offer auto recycling services will go out to the location of the vehicle and take it away for free.

International Cash for Cars Programs

This recycling program is not merely a product of the United States. Several other countries have also decided to partake in this venture to reduce pollutants, benefit their citizens and gain additional resources for the creation of other vehicles. For instance, Canada has a similar setup with Retire Your Ride, which was initially started to get old and heavily polluting cars off of the road. Other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia have also instigated similar programs, and more countries are seeming interested in the idea every day.