California DMV Paperwork and Laws You Need to Know

Navigating the different laws and regulations of the California DMV and ensuring that you comply with all necessary paperwork is crucial to maintaining the safety and legality of your vehicle and our driver’s license. Failure to comply with these standards could potentially result in severe consequences like your driver’s license being revoked or a traffic citation. From specifications about auto-recycling to transferring ownership of a vehicle to another individual, following the law of the California DMV is a vital part of being a responsible vehicle operator and driver in the state of California.

Selling a Car

If you want to sell a car in California you must abide by the California DMV’s rules and regulations. One of the first steps after finding a buyer is collected all of the necessary documentation. You will need to provide the following to comply with the requirements for selling a vehicle:

Release ownership of the vehicle you are selling by signing accordingly on the vehicle’s title certificate
Obtain a smog certificate unless your vehicle has a renewal of its registration within 90 days or if the vehicle is less than 4 years old
Odometer reading from the California certificate of title or on a vehicle/vessel transfer and reassignment form (you can pick up this form at your local DMV within CA DMV hours)

For more information on selling or buying a vehicle in CA, please refer to

Selling or buying a vehicle in CA does not have to be a tedious process if you refer to the accessible guides provided online and are sure to follow all necessary procedures.

Smog Inspection

A smog check or smog inspection may be necessary when attempting to sell a car in California. A smog certificate is only able to be considered valid for 90 days after the date of issues. Other notes to consider is that vehicles over the model year of 1975 are not required to have smog inspections.

Performing a Car Transfer California State Law

If you wish to carry our a transfer of title or car transfer California law dictates that you file this request correctly. You can get a new registration sticker within the next day for a nominal fee. The person who is selling a vehicle must do their part to ensure that they comply with the requirements for selling a vehicle such as a smog check if necessary as mentioned above. To fully transfer a title, the buyer must pay a $15 fee. New California State residents must also transfer their out-of-state vehicle to California credentials within 20 days of being a California resident. Following the appropriate steps will allow an individual to get an accurate California certificate of title.

Other Registration & Title Concerns

California DMV Car Registration by CaReg Licensed by the California DMV
Includes: online registration, same-day processing, online copy of registration, mobile support, alternation option of mailing address, $29 fee
California DMV Car Registration by California DMV
Includes: online registration, same-day processing

Vehicle Verification

The verification of a vehicle can be performed by filling out the appropriate form. Vehicle verification can only be performed by an individual that is legally allowed to do so. The verifier and vehicle owner are both responsible for filling out the necessary paperwork. In order to ensure that the vehicle is correctly identified, the form includes very specific information such as the Vin/Engine number as well as the Model Year and Odometer Mileage Reading.

Driver Record Request, Driving Records, DMV Record
A driver record request, driving record, or DMV record may be able to be obtained if the proper identification is provided. Other information is open to the public and can be accessed through certain public records.

CA DMV Hours
For more information about your local DMV’s hours operation, please refer to

General Overview of Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 am – 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm