Acura LogoAcura is offering supercar buyers the chance to help build their cars.

This rare opportunity starts at a mere $2,700 before the price of purchase, but perhaps if you can afford this car’s $156,000-plus pricetag, that’s chump change.

Some may think the weight only matters when it’s time for auto recycling, but actually it matters very much when it comes to a sports car. This one weighes in at 3,800 pounds, a rather hefty number for supercar. However, it makes up for that when you are behind the wheel.

Acura NSX

With 578-horsepower, this isn’t just another Acura sedan. The NSX goes from zero to sixty in 3.1 seconds. It has a top speed of 191 mph. Sending it flying, the car has two turbo chargers and three electric motors. Since Acura is part of the Honda family, you can bet that this hybrid is a cutting-edge piece of technology. Nine forward gears provide true precision in every shift. All-wheel drive lets the car utilize all four wheels separately as needed for curve control and traction.

The Buying Experience

Since the car is assembled in Maryville Ohio, it’s not a far-fetched idea to imagine a buyer enjoying a factory tour. The Acura NSX Insider Experience includes a concierge to arrange travel, ground transportation, entertainment and dining. A guide will stay with the buyer throughout the experience. There are several destinations included in the tour.

One morning, purchasers spend time in the engine assembly room. They will learn about engine building and testing procedures. They will see the car being built and watch as the engine is installed in the chassis. To give owners the right to brag about production, they get the chance to put the Acura badge on their own cars.

There’s also a tour of the performance testing center. This is where the second-generation NSX was designed. It’s also where the latest technology is being developed for the next wave of Acura and Honda vehicles.

Acura also offers a chance to drive the NSX on the proving grounds where it was tested and retested many times before it became the supercar it is today. Presumably purchasers are racecar fans who want to take to the track. They will love the opportunity to try out this supercar where its speed can really be enjoyed.

The midengine design puts the V-6 where you’d expect the backseat to be. Rather than box it up, you see it through the hatch window. Don’t expect a giant. This unit is the size of a suitcase. It is certainly in keeping with the automaker’s efforts to create an aerodynamic vehicle. The body is made of aluminum with some carbon fiber. Nips, tucks, and creative venting add to its distinctive curb appeal. Unlike many supercars, it still relies more on aluminum than on carbon fiber.

Despite its diminutive size, the supercar doesn’t punish the car’s driver or passenger. The seats are actually quite comfortable, and the design is pleasing. Highest quality leather and carbon trim enhance the curves of the dash and seats. Electronic instrumentation keeps the driver apprised for the car’s charge status. It also offers the more typical information you’d expect on the dash. The infotainment screen isn’t the tiny kind that you’d expect in a cabin this small. It certainly does a good job of delivering infotainment and navigation.

The striking exterior won’t be the only thing many onlookers notice. When the engine isn’t engaged, it doesn’t make noise. Onlookers are sure to be surprised when they see it gliding by. When the engine does rev, however, it is clear that this is a sports car of the highest order.

Drivers will have to keep an eye on speed at all times to avoid a ticket. Of course, the typical owner is likely to take to the track, pushing this supercar to the limit.