Auto Wrecking YardRecycling allows you to reuse old materials in order to create cheaper items for sale. As the world runs out of space for garbage, recycling services are finding more innovative ways to convert waste material into building and manufacturing material.

SEP 2015 Shredders allow users to recycle paper, glass, rubber, plastic and wood more efficiently and affordably.

Energy Does Not Disappear

The beauty of recycling is that it taps into the energy that is already stored in the garbage that is being tossed out. This waste energy can be reused for modern industrial, manufacturing or commercial purposes. Eco-friendly recycling programs can extend the life cycle of a product saving society money and creating a more sustainable system.

Sorted recycled waste must pass through a serious of stages before it is at the right size for reuse. The top SEP 2015 Shredders are involved in the early stages of taking the old boxes, board, tires and plastic containers and cutting them down to size. The tiny pieces can be used to create newspapers, paper towels, aluminum cans, plastic boxes and glass bottles.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another – Albert Einstein

Recycled material can also be used to make carpets, construction material and insulation filler. A high-quality shredding machine can handle the full range of materials. It must also have different settings enabling you to control the size of the finished product.

Recycling Automobile Industry Waste

The automobile industry creates useful vehicles for helping people transport themselves around town. But when a car or truck has reached the end of the road, there are many valuable materials within each vehicle that can be shredded: scrap metal, silver, plastic, fabric and rubber. A high-quality SEP Shredder will break down the materials into smaller pieces for reuse.

The ECO Monster hydraulic-powered single-shaft shredder can be used for shredding old tires, wood, plastics and electronic. This Eco Monster uses a 180 kW (250 hp) unit driving a Hagglunds motor. This can reduce the original material down to 2- to 8-inch chunks using its 18 x fly knives and 9 x bed knives. The knives can be quickly changed by opening the service doors. The ECO Monster creates the first stage of TDA and TDF sizes, which are ready for further processing.

Another recycling workhorse is the Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM3000. This machine’s low-speed, high-torque design is ideal for handling the original waste material. The large opening allows users to insert large boxes, tires and plastic containers in the machine to be ground up. The 5.5-inch heat-treated steel alloy hexagonal shafts use 2-inch cam cutters to reduce the waste to more manageable sizes. The cutting chambers range in size from 8.5 inches to 72 inches. These smaller pieces can then be passed onto smaller recycling machines.