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 It is estimated that more than 12 million vehicles become unusable each year in the United States alone. These vehicles may become unusable due to serious damage from an auto accident, poor maintenance over time, weather-related events or general wear and tear with regular use. When vehicles become unusable as a mode of transportation, they can still be valuable. For example, through auto recycling services, vehicles may be dismantled, and their parts may be salvaged for other purposes. Even when the parts cannot be used as-is, the metal from the parts may still be melted down and re-used for other purposes.

Disposing of a Vehicle

If you have a damaged or junk vehicle that you need to get rid of, you can contact a towing service for assistance transporting your vehicle to a salvage yard or automotive recycling center. In some cases, auto recycling services will include towing or pick-up assistance as a convenience to you. These yards or centers may provide you with a cash offer for your vehicle, and some will be able to complete the entire transaction on-site on the same day. Even when a vehicle cannot be used for transportation, its parts and components may have value. The salvage yard or automotive recycling center can inspect the vehicle to determine its value based on a dismantled status, and you generally may receive cash on-the-spot.

Finding Spare Parts

While an automotive recycling center can assist you with disposing of old, damaged or otherwise unusable vehicles, they can also be used to help you find spare parts for your vehicle that are affordable. Most salvage yards keep an inventory of the vehicles they have in stock, and you may simply be able to contact a salvage yard by phone to determine if it has parts that are suitable for your needs. This is a great way to find affordable used parts for a vehicle, and these may be parts in good or even excellent condition. It is also an effective way to find parts for older vehicles. With many older models of vehicles, parts are no longer being manufactured, and you may be required to rely on a salvage yard for spare parts for your vehicle.

Finding a Reputable Automotive Recycling Center to Work With
There are several automotive recycling centers that you may choose to work with throughout the Modesto area. When you search for the right-center to use for your needs, you should consider if the recycling center has limitations or requirements regarding the types of vehicles they accept. You may obtain several offers from different salvage yards for the disposal of your vehicle. If the vehicle is not able to be driven at all, you may consider if the salvage yard offers towing or pick-up services. Some offer same-day or next-day service, and some may provide you with a quote or estimate for a cash offer over the phone when you provide a few basic details about the vehicle that you wish to dispose of.

Whether you need to dispose of or recycle a vehicle in Modesto or you need to find spare or used parts for your vehicle, you can easily contact E&R Auto Wrecking. This is a reputable and established auto recycling center that has been serving the Modesto area for years, and the recycling center is ready to assist you with your current needs.