Old Black SUV at Auto Recycling ModestoAuto Recycling Modesto

Auto recycling has been considered a reliable and important source of recycled steel for decades. Auto Recycling yards are often visible from major roads where stacks of old, dysfunctional cars sit in rows, ready for the crusher. Today, society wants more benefits from auto recycling, so before the cars are crushed, auto recyclers strip off the usable parts until only the metal frame and body remain. Because of the demand for dependable auto parts, recyclers have rebuilt or reconditioned used parts.

Modesto Recyclers Go Green

To meet society’s demand for greater environmental protection, auto recycling in Modesto has gone Green, applying the knowledge and methods of the environmental movement to recycling auto parts. This development in the industry is proving to be a benefit for the community. Along with pulling perfectly reusable parts, the recycling shops properly dispose of toxic elements before they crush the car. The toxic elements found in car parts include mercury, and auto recyclers know the exact auto parts that contain it, such as interior lights and brake system parts. Mercury has been used in manufacturing many consumer items and has been the subject of legislation like the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and other legislation. Safe disposal isn’t much of a hassle with a little education at recycling companies.

Toxic Materials

Recyclers also drain off chemicals from cars to prevent harmful substances like battery acid, brake fluid, radiator fluid, engine oil and transmission oil from entering the ground. According to sources, they also remove sodium azide from air bags. The metal parts of the cars are also polluters. The reason environmentalists, legislators and voters want polluting elements out of the environment is because they wish to create a better world to pass on to future generations. This desire makes the car recycling business more complicated but recycling locations today have met the demand. Recycling auto parts as a way to help the environment makes auto recycling in Modesto a valuable industry

Cost Savings
The buyer of used auto parts can also benefit from the recycling because used parts cost less than new parts, and original equipment manufactured parts, sometimes the most expensive in the industry, can be bought at a reasonable price. That means that consumers and auto repair shops enjoy a steady supply of used and reconditioned parts at bargain prices. Anybody can enjoy the discounts the shops offer, so if you want to replace your tires or rims for something a little more up market, consider recycled car parts suppliers. You can also be proud of what you’re doing for the environment.

Auto recyclers make a major contribution to the community’s beauty and health by removing abandoned cars from the side of the road and recycling them. They are also available to receive or pick up of cars that are no longer of use.

Selling Tools
Today, used parts distribution end of the recycling business has become more sophisticated, with advances in satellite technology aiding the effort. Parts buyers who want the lowest price, quality parts or hard-to-find parts can search the Internet and find the recyclers who can supply them. By offering recycled parts online, it’s possible to expand the market and become a reliable source for parts buyers.

Buyers email a parts request and used parts suppliers look through the requests for potential sales. With the market for parts and recycled steel, the world recycles ten million cars every year. The environmental disaster that abandoned cars represent is avoided by car recyclers. According to sources, 25 percent of the metal used to manufacture new cars comes from recycled sources. Replacing the demand for new steel and iron ore with recycled steel reduces even coal-burning. This has also reduced the amount of motor oil used to manufacture new cars by a whopping 74 percent. This is a real plus for the environment.

Other benefits of recycling cars are also apparent. The US government has encouraged cash-for-clunkers programs because removing old cars from the road makes room for more fuel-efficient new cars. Because of recycling efforts, the cars that remain on the road use less fossil fuel.

Worldwide, there’s a growing awareness of the pollutants from abandoned cars and the benefits of recycling. To avoid seeing bad things happen, governments are motivating the recycling of abandoned cars. In the US, cars are the biggest recycled consumer item.