About E&R Auto Wrecking

E&R Auto Wrecking is a local business, owned and operated by Jose Espinoza and Ricardo Garcia, two local entrepreneurs that grew up in the same neighborhood that they now work out of.

Ricardo Garcia started his involvement in the vehicle industry over 20 years ago, while Jose Espinoza enlisting in the U.S Army. During the time that Jose was in the Army, Ricardo Garcia refined his entrepreneurial skills by purchasing several wrecking yards and tow trucks.

Jose & Ricardo are especially proud of what they can do for Mother Earth. They have refined the recycling process and estimate that they recycle approximately 85% of a vehicle. If ever in need of vehicle parts, E&R Auto Wrecking is the place to go.

After completing his enlistment, Jose Espinoza immediately enrolled himself to California State University, Sacramento receiving his undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in business. Jose and Ricardo are life long friends that are working together to bring a positive retail experience to all their clients. They both believe in keeping the customer happy and providing prompt and affordable service.

We have an inventory of over 250 vehicles on our yard. We have working relationships with industry professionals; mechanics, painters, and insurance companies in order to streamline your automotive needs.