Wrecked cars in a junk yardWith curbside bins and recycling centers in cities all over the country, protecting the health and safety of the public as well as the environment has become as easy as tossing in a plastic bottle or aluminum can and dropping by with that old mattress or appliance. Recycling automotive parts is no different. It can save auto owners a lot of money, and there are many parts that are just as good recycled as they are new.  For example, used AC air compressors and used radiators are just two of many components that can easily be reused.

The following also outlines parts that are very easy to recycle and can easily have a second or third life in a different car.


Most people are aware that the contents of car batteries are toxic, and have become familiar with the simple process of recycling them. Most often, when an individual purchases a new battery, it is possible to hand the old one over to the same retailer who ships them off so the plastic and lead can be used to make new batteries. Recycling other parts can be just as easy.


There are plenty of uses for recycled tires. If they are in good shape they can be reused, or they can be cleaned and shredded to provide playground turf, sports tracks, asphalt and fuel. The easiest way to properly dispose of unneeded tires and to ensure that they are reprocessed is to take them to a recycling center in the area.

Scrap Metal

If the metal from a vehicle is small, safe and fits the guidelines of the city, it may be recycled the same as that aluminum can, by way of the residential recycling bins. Larger items, such as doors and hoods can be recycled through a salvage yard. The scrap metal can be shredded, redeveloped and reused by steel manufactures.

Oil Filters

It is important to follow instruction on draining an oil filter for recycle. However, once done, the process to recover the part for reuse is the same as with the scrap metal.


Oil is the most recycled automotive part as it can be the easiest. If a shop changes the oil, the shop will ensure that the oil is sent out to be cleaned and rebottled. If the work is done by an individual, all he/she has to do is take the spent oil to the closest recycling center where the personnel will see that it gets sent to the right place for recovery.

Auto Glass

Because automotive glass is not the same as other glass, it is not always as easy as the rest of the vehicle to recycle. If a state has an auto glass recovery site, it can be. However, if the state does not, it might be still be possible to recycle through other types of business, such as tile manufactures.

It is often the case that those who follow the laws and guidelines of recycling can be reimbursed for their efforts. Retailers and salvage yards frequently offer a cashback incentive for batteries and scrap metal. Recycling is beneficial to the automotive business and the consumer, it is necessary to public safety and the environment, and it is easy to do.